Back to basics

I had intended to continue my Gospel series, but I am awaiting inspiration to continue with that. I had also intended to write some of my musings about the COVID-19 situation, particularly with reference to the UK, but it seems I will not be doing that today either. Nor will I be reposting my series …

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The Remnant Newspaper – The Displacement of the Mysterium Fidei and the Fabricated Memorial Acclamation

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

The Displacement of the Mysterium Fidei and the Fabricated Memorial Acclamation
Written by  Peter Kwasniewski, PhD
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The story of how the words of consecration spoken over the chalice were changed for the Novus Ordo Missae is a potent exhibition of many interrelated problems characteristic of the liturgical reform in general: false antiquarianism; a defective understanding of participatio actuosa; an infatuation with Eastern praxis coupled with a contempt for what is uniquely Western; disdain for medieval piety and doctrine; a lack of humility in the face of that which we cannot fully understand and a lack of reverence for that which is mysterious; a mechanistic reduction of liturgy to material that we can shape as it pleases us (as we try to do with the natural world using our modern technology); and an itch to construct new forms due to boredom or…

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The Coward and the Heretic

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.

I love this verse because it is an explicit condemnation of sophistication. I get compliments for my writing style, but my only trick is to refrain from larding up my prose with big words and ambiguity when simple words and clarity will do the job. I don’t believe in sophistication.

Sophistication comes from the ancient Greek sophists who pretended to have wisdom but merely played with words and their meanings. Today, we see this sophistication on display in the half ass resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The only thing that makes this an issue is that a manifest heretic assumed the role of pope following this coward’s abdication. We wouldn’t be having this discussion if some orthodox cardinal like Sarah or Burke had taken the white. The…

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Letter: the Sanctity of Work

Dear Pilgrims: @citizentom @armourofchrist @melissapresser @neenergyobserver @njb4725 @servusfidelis My journey through the Exodus 90 discipline is complete. And so, I have returned to converse with your guys more frequently. It was a tough road, but joyous. I worked on giving up (perceived) control in my life that is the foundation of disordered passions. I hope …

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Do you know the proper definition of “faith”?

The understanding of the nature of faith is predicated on understanding theology as a real science begins with the Creator and His revelation. The scientific definition of faith includes all Aristotelean four causes. Faith includes the formal cause—habit, material cause—of mind, when eternal life begins in us—final cause, and making our understanding assent to things …

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