Christian Bloggers join our community! Welcome to On the Pilgrim Road!

At the current moment, travelers from around the blogosphere have been receiving their invites to our new community. The goal of this blog is to renew a site that many of us have either belonged to at one time or participated in by either commenting and/or by reading the posts—All Along the Watchtower. The administrators of that blog have either gone their own way or lost interest leaving a small community of writers without the means to innovate and attract more writers.

I’ve been talking to one of the authors about how we should promote our blog to gain more participants. After given some good advice, the discussion needs to be opened up to the general community and any new travelers who may wander here. The hope is that much like AATW once did, the machine might get oiled so that all of us can treat this site like a forum that we might utilize both actively and passively. Just like a pub, sometimes you have time to stop by and chat and other times you have to get home.

So, please, share your ideas:

Patreon? Podcast? Teespring? Twitter? For example, does someone in particular want to be the twitter expert, etc.

God Bless


10 thoughts on “Christian Bloggers join our community! Welcome to On the Pilgrim Road!

  1. Sorry but I edited your writing a bit . . . a few errors in English. 🙂

    You must have written it in a hurry.

    Well, don’t look to me for the above. I don’t even know what most of them are except for podcasts which take some good and expensive equipment if it is to be done at a quality level that might gain a viewership. Maybe some of our younger people might be up to it.


  2. Nicholas

    I would be interested in listening to podcasts/watching videos.

    Phillip, do you following InspiringPhilosophy, Sentinel Apologetics, or any of the YouTubers in that nexus? They are worth listening to, and I’d enjoy something along those lines (see also The Bible Project, Fringe Pop, and others).

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  3. Podcasts can be fun. You can be surprised what you can do with a Yeti microphone and Audacity. One thing to consider is to have a plan. Many podcasts slowly die without a clear goal and guests.

    Twitter is another thing that can be useful, much like podcasts, it needs to be watered and constantly attended to.

    I am up for helping in anyway. I have some podcast equipment and I am familiar with Twitter. However a clear goal is vital. It is much different than throwing together a post. With a podcast you have to prep (write your material) record it, edit it, and then publish it. One or two times a week would be best for starting out. Twitter needs constant attention.


    1. We definitely need to nail down a plan of action. I think at the start of the year we need to try to get everyone on a soft scheduling system for posting, based on how much anyone wants to posts of course.

      And right now, all authors write as much as you want, we’ve had two extremely strong days activity wise. The best I’ve seen with a new blog, so let’s keep it up.

      As the blog draws interest from more authors and viewers, all of us can be passive enough to be properly inspired to write good posts, that’s my ideal goal.

      Do you know what type of program we could use for podcast to engage multiple authors and/or guest? I use Zume for a prayer group, I don’t know if it has recording capabilities but I’d like ideally to have something that doesn’t require each persons to record their own audio.

      I’m also going to add categories in the menu: Literature, History, and Special topics, does anyone think something else should be added or modified?


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  4. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

    Merry Christmas? I am open to whatever God has in this open space. I have been thinking of doing a podcast for awhile now. I do not have a focus/ theme but would entertain the idea of recording with someone. I will keep in prayer about that. Maybe a How to? People are hungry and want to know, so why don’t we feed them?

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    1. A lot of podcasts that I’ve seen or youtube channels use simple earbuds for a microphone and it works well. A podcast that I use to listen to called Catholic Stuff You Know just recorded on garage band and uploaded the file from that program.

      I’ll look more into some apps like Zoom because it would be handy to have the ability to have a show and record all in the same setting.

      Melissa, you’ve written quite a bit in the blogosphere, out of the two posts I’ve read here so far, you just need to write a book. Your writing style is both vivid and interesting and really draws people into it. I say put together a manuscript send it to Ignatius, Ascension, Tan, Sophia etc. and if they don’t pick it up, we can get it independently published. <–just my thoughts.


      1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

        So you just confirmed what God has spoken to my heart. I began a book several years ago and left it. It was before my full conversion. I think I just need to start it again, from scratch. I was working with an editor before which really helped but we had a different vision. I need to find a sort of spiritual director/ editor who I can send my stuff to. Any volunteers????😊

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      2. I paid an editor via reedsy for my book. I’d recommend that process and that particular editor if you have a manuscript. My editor didn’t make any sort of stylistic changes or redirect the purpose of the book. What she did do was tell me where I need to develop more thoughts when needed. It was a tremendous help.

        I’m working on M.A. Theology in Sacred Scripture, so I don’t know if you need any particular help in that area, but I’d take a look at anything. I’m also more read on Augustine than the average person.

        Although, you would need a legit content editor, but I sent out my manuscript to multiple people to get feed back too.

        Another thing, I wrote a lot of content in posts. I listened and responded to critiques that were made by comments on here. When I was compiling manuscript, I deleted those posts, no redundancy.

        Just some advice that worked for me.


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