Your Tongue Released

“Immediately Zechariah’s mouth was opened and his tongue released, and he spoke, blessing God.” Luke 1:64 NET

Have you created your own bondage? Do you feel silent and small, waiting on God to release His plan for your life? Are you busy, tired and unfeeling? Could it be that your indirect deafness could be directly attributable to the busyness that surrounds you? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone my friends.

I’ve spent the last year or so praying and asking God about my writing. But how could I write when I am too busy to breathe? It is silly that the one big thing that God placed in our heart and spoke to us about is the one thing that we fight Him on. Does this sound familiar?

For two years now, I have been unable to find meditations that fill me. I have searched the ends of the earth to find something that will pierce my soul. That still small voice beside me, my guardian angel whispering in my ear, “write your own” was just too petrifying. I thought it was the voice of pride so I ignored it, and I placed my guardian angel at a distance with the words no, I am not good enough, I don’t have time, I lack inspiration. But the voice kept coming- and I drowned it in busyness- activities that I just had no business being a part of. Anything to drown out that voice. Fear took over.

Why would I quash my own dream? Why couldn’t I listen? At first I thought it was a lack of faith, but I know now that it isn’t true. It is fear. In the same way Zechariah prayed for many years for his dream to have a son is the same way I prayed for my writing. But when the time came for God to bless him with his dream, he doubted, questioned. Many say this was a lack of faith on his part and so God shut his mouth as punishment. This is not so. It was fear. And God shut him up so that he would have time in the silence. He had nothing to say- he could only watch the pregnancy grow. And when we have nothing to say, God has everything to say.

Our lack of words provide Him a space to grow our dreams

And so like Zechariah, I continued to pray despite hearing him in the distance. I began my novena to Mary Undoer of Knots this Christmas. Day 1 I prayed for her to undo my writing knot but the prayer just didn’t feel right. So I stopped and prayed for something else. All the while, the dream still swelling in my heart. 

This all to lead up to this very day. Months of quitting activities and ministries to clear the way for God’s dream. Sorta like a spiritual lawnmower, Prepare the way of the Lord!

Clear away the things that don’t matter, the ones where seasons are over.

Now is the acceptable day of the Lord.

And after all that clearing came Advent. And with Advent came silence. And with silence came prayer and heartache. And things were going well, until they were not. 

My peace was broken and I floundered. Where was I? It is four days until Christmas and I am missing my peace. Where are you God? I gave these things up for you. I did what you asked, and I am here alone- unable to talk or move.

Yes… exactly.

And then I opened my email last night. A glaring invitation to write here. I was petrified… of the things I had been praying for. Of the writing child to be born.

So I tossed and turned all night, Lord is that you? It didn’t come in a large spectacular way, the way that I would have hoped or dreamed. This couldn’t be it. Or could it?

But it WAS. It was the way He came into the world. Small, unnoticed with an intimate few. Lying in a manger. But the hungry would find Him there…

And this morning it clicked. I had to accept the invitation. This was it. This was my yes to God. Small, intimate unnoticed. But the hungry will find Him here…

And my tongue was released from its prison cell. And my soul lept for joy. And I finally said “Yes” to God’s plan and not mine.





15 thoughts on “Your Tongue Released

  1. Thanks Melissa.

    We’ve all tried to write and create before and for whatever reason it seems like we’re gentle waves being tossed on the rocks.

    There’s something that feels different this time. There’s a hope in the air—A renewal of community. As we were discussing the renewal, I thought to myself, I need to reach out to Melissa, a talented writer with a mystic’s touch.

    Thank you for accepting the invitation. God Bless.

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    1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

      Yes there is definitely something that feels different. Your Holy Spirit inspired invitation sat in my soul all night. I struggled this morning to understand the scripture as God wanted me too, and then all of a sudden it was if the earth split open.
      Advent has also brought about for me this notion of community- this is what’s been missing for me. Being the lone voice crying in the wilderness is not my call. That seat was already taken.
      I feel my fiat and inspired by Our Blessed Mother my YES burst wide open my heart. A soul knows that other soul if they are in love with the same Christ. The same Blessed Mother.
      Looking forward to this new journey as we walk the pilgrim road together and with all of humankind.

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  2. Thanks, Melissa. What a wise choice Phillip made here for I can already feel the difference you will make. Like Phillip, I think we have reached a turning point, a time for renewal, and your insights will be important, to you, but also to the rest of us.

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    1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

      Hallelujah I feel my King! It truly feels like Christmas in my heart. Your words are on point. Yes a turning, community, renewal. I feel it too. God bless your words and pray for mine! Love to all of you beautiful souls! Christmas is nearly upon us!

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      1. I will be, although I’ll not be all that active this week, since I’ll be away with my family for our annual Christmas, the only time we get together, but I’ll be thinking of and praying for all, and that decidedly will include your word.

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      2. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

        Yes. And God’s timing is perfect. So let go and let God! I was supposed to be out of town but stayed home instead.
        For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.
        So be where you are!!! He needs you there!

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  3. Welcome Melissa. We have lost a large group of participants over the years due to age, health, anger, sloth or a combination of things. For a while we had a notable, Deacon Nick Donnelly as a visitor and Eccles who runs a successful satirical site. So maybe a new beginning is what we need. At my age, I know we are going to need new blood to carry on if this is going to succeed. Let’s all pray that it does.

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  4. Melissa,

    At the end of September, my Diocese had a men’s retreat. One aspect of the retreat we had what was called table talk and one of the issues that I talked about is my reluctance to do things because I didn’t feel important enough or worthy to put myself out there. The particular subject was getting my book published.

    Faith is key.

    I think what tied my tongue, so to speak, was that I was afraid of the unknown. What would people say? Is it good enough? And really, I just needed to take the leap.

    I am excited to read your meditations. I meditate often on the mysteries of the rosary, although I do pray daily, I am a novice. Perhaps, you need to be leading us via video lessons 🙂 Now, that’s an idea, everyone needs a little bit of spiritual direction. You have a unique story and a human bond to our Lord that none of us have. So, share with the all of us.


    1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

      Yes- afraid of the unknown, people, everything. I hear you. This has been me. So I crowded myself with busyness, that way I didn’t even have time to try… or fail. But when God gifts you something it is not for you, it is for the world. And even if one soul was meant to hear it, that’s all that matters. Christ cares about the one.
      Videos… that’s a new concept for me, I am so old school! But I am open, so open now. We should all embrace Mary’s fiat. Yes Lord yes!
      I love praying the rosary and Mary Undoer of Knots is my go to novena. I have never had a prayer go unanswered during this novena.
      Put yourself out there, our Lord did. God made you worthy my friend.

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      1. Indeed, better to risk God’s talents than to bury them.

        My parish priest just talked about the power of prayer in silence. It is in silence that we hear the voice of God. A great book is Cardinal Sarah’s book The Power of SIlence. There’s so much good information on how to pray in that book. Cardinal Sarah speaks about the warnings in the Letter of St. James to train our tongue. He also explains an encounter with Mother Teresa talking about his prayer life, which was fairly robust, and St. Mother Teresa implored him to prayer even more to God. It’s a rather touching moment in the book.

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