Novena for the Beatification of Fulton Sheen


It was announced on November 18th that the famous American Catholic Televangelist Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was going to be beatified on December 21st. As a Catholic central Illinoisan, I felt a great joy swell up in my heart that I tried to get tickets to attend the Beatification mass.

Sadly, at the beginning of December, it was then made known that the beatification had been postponed by the Vatican at the request of some bishops of the USCCB. The anonymity created an uproar that later it was announced that it was the Bishop of Rochester Matano that halted the process of the beatification. Furthermore, it was rumored that Catholic Americal Cardinals Dolan and Cupuch were behind the stall of Sheen’s Beatification–their offices would not take questions for comment.

Naturally, this prompted renegade Catholic journalist George Neumaur, who has been barred from entry at the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C., to find Dolan and personally ask him why he prevented Fulton Sheen’s canonization. Cardinal Dolan responded, “I didn’t.”

It’s up to the viewer to decide whether Cardinal Dolan was being truthful or not. However, the Diocese of Peoria responded to the postponement with an op-ed article accusing the Diocese of Rochester from sabotaging the Beatification with a false worry of New York State’s Attorney of naming sheen in a matter related to an abusive priest being put into active ministry by Fulton Sheen. The claim has been discredited and vetted by the courts, Peoria, and the Vatican.

The postponement now seems to be a full termination of the canonization of Fulton Sheen under the Pontificate of Pope Francis. A result of a disagreement between different factions within the American Catholic Church and maybe in Rome too.

In the planning of the Beatification of Fulton Sheen, the weekend was supposed to have on that Friday adoration of the Blessed Sacrament–a Holy Hour–and a talk from Bishop Robert Barron, who all been but silent on the postponement.

The Fulton Sheen Foundation appears to have all but disappeared.

Despite all of this, Bishop Jenky of the Peoria Diocese announced that on December 12th that the Diocese he would lead a Novena for the Canonization of Fulton Sheen. I encourage any supporters of Fulton Sheen to renew a devotion of prayer for his canonization. Fulton Sheen in his autobiography Treasure in Clay spoke quite convincingly of the power of prayer and especially Novenas. I encourage everyone to start this Novena for Sheen’s canonization and keep doing it until the day when Rome officially honors our saint.

Prayer can stir grace and faith can move mountains.

17 thoughts on “Novena for the Beatification of Fulton Sheen

  1. Regardless of the scandalous action of the USCCB bishops involved and the injustice being done, God knows always those who are His Saints and those who aren’t. In fact, I think if I were Fulton Sheen I would not find any glorification of my life of constant service to God and man by being lumped in with some of the choices of the Vatican and Bergoglio in the last few years. Would I want to be mixed together with Liberation Theologians, Communists and Marxists? As much as I desire his beatification, I think it better to wait and do it right rather than the way we make saints today . . . like a popcorn factory. I’d rather take a hundred years rather than have these almost immediate beatifications without the Devil’s advocate or the proper looking into the miracles associated with the proposed saint. God help us if Satan is getting his lot beatified along with God’s. I have now come to a place where I do not accept saints not properly scrutinized and think a true and good Pope will have to straighten out what has become a mess. This saint factory of mere popularity has got to end. Then St,. Fulton Sheen can be beatified properly and given due respect within the Catholic Church.

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    1. I’m surprised with opposition to his beatification to be honest. If anyone has read Treasure in Clay, Sheen had many praise worthy things to say about Vatican II, Pope John 23, Pope Paul VI, and JPII.

      He contradicts a lot of claims made by folks like Taylor Marshall that the Vatican II documents are ambiguous saying that they spent days focusing on one Latin wording.

      I also wonder though if Sheen really got to experience conciliar church or what he might think today.

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      1. Good points and questions. But then again, Marcel LeFebvre also signed the documents but saw how ambiguous they were and how evil their intent seemed to be once they started implementation of them. I doubt Sheen would be happy with the means or the ends which he may have not been completely aware of.

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      2. If you watch any of Sheen’s program, he sounds nothing like what I typically hear from the pulpit today. He’s clear on Christian teaching and the ills of the world. To be honest, shout out to @armourofchrist, the closest I’ve heard is from an LCMS pulpit. They have no qualms about what the Gospels say. I bet they’d have no problem preaching on what St. Paul said in the lectionary yesterday.

        However, you get call me Bob, and he makes a joke and talks about something else.

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      3. We must come to grips with how much things have changed since VII. Most of the priests and bishops were taught that to criticize anything whatever of the Church or of the sexual proclivities of some of their own was not to be spoken about. It was airing your dirty laundry to the world and it caused scandal to the laity. Now, we know so much more and we are not keeping our mouths shut no matter who hears. I don’t think Sheen would recognize this change during his lifetime. Is it healthier or less scandalous to keep these things from the laity? I’m inclined to think that this new rebellious spirit against those who sabotage the faith, morals and practices of the Faith are setting the stage for the real renewal of the Church where the laity will tar and feather a heretic; be they a wolf or a hireling. They better start hiding under their desks,

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      4. It comes down to pride. And I’ve had my own personal experience with it from clergy.

        Anymore, the questions needs to pressed, do you belief in supernatural faith? Do you believe that Jesus rose from dead was a historic event?

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      5. I think Pope Benedict spoke about a smaller and more faithful Church. In battle, which we’re in Spiritual Warfare (something that’s never explained anymore), sometimes you have to have a measured retreat before an advance.


      6. It’s time for all real Catholics to stand up. The Church is under an almost calamitous strain at the moment. The quiet bishops best get busy or get left behind. The Traditional Catholics are about to eclipse the worldwide parishes in ordinations and people . . . due to the use of contraception among the pretend Catholic families.


      7. I’m suprised that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever from Hebrews is still in the Breviary to be honest. I’ve told that to a few people and receive a confused look in return.

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  2. I’ll admit that I haven’t kept up with the story but it strikes me as still more of the reaching back to condemn the Orthodox, often by their own churches, just as we saw a few years ago in the case of Bishop Bell. I’m surprised the Evangelical Lutherans haven’t tried to take down Bonhoeffer as well.

    Destroy the heroes in any field, and it is easier to dishearten those who might be tomorrow’s heroes.

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