Day 4- The Healthy Mile

Jesus- What are you looking for? (John 1:38)

Me- An escape…

We don’t have to experience a blunt force trauma in order to need God


The word trauma from Greek trauma, means “a wound,” and we have all been wounded. My journey towards Christ began with my wounds, but ended with His. See, He says, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…

For those of us that have experienced physical trauma, our bodies are inescapable. For those of us that have experienced mental trauma, we cannot rid ourselves of our minds.

And living in a body or with a mind that has been wounded presents invisible suffering. Nobody asks you how your mind is healing or if your soul has settled. We pass one another everyday, not noticing the heavy packages that people are carrying.

My journey to get healthy started with recovery. Yours may very well start somewhere else.

Our stars are different, but we are part of the same sky. My star was light and bright, but the inside was hollow.

My journey towards wellness started small. Yours should too. Anything more was unthinkable for me. I committed to a small group who also shared my wound. And I realized very quickly that I was not the only light and bright star with a hollow center.

The group forced me to face myself, to get real and honest, to call myself what I was. Seven weeks in I broke like a detoxing addict. This forced my middle to split open. Since I wasn’t making my recovery easy on God, He sent me to the fire. In the middle of my recovery, He sent me to experience a healing encounter that sent my star  into supernova.

I was done moving, leaving, hurting, dying. Reconciling my life with God had no flowers.

There are no flowers in a war

But I got better. It was one step, then two. I was useless before I was better. The repairs were steeped in God’s grace and the power of human love.

A healthy mile starts with the question that Jesus posed, What are you looking for?

What is God saying to you today?

(Thank you to Restoring Relationships and Trees of Hope for allowing God to use you so I could break free)





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