Frankenstein and The Danger of Rebellion from Tradition

Nicholas wanted me to write a piece on Frankenstein and the Prometheus. However, I came across this great post written by Fr. Hogan.

Fr. Hogan writes, “Frankenstein’s relevance for us today is all too clear. If Mary Shelley was concerned about man playing God in the early decades of the 19th century, she would be horrified at the state we find ourselves in in the early decades of the 21st century.

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9 thoughts on “Frankenstein and The Danger of Rebellion from Tradition

    1. Nicholas has some good insight on Frankenstein. It looks like the author had quite the philosophical upbringing with her father. What is interesting is that her dad seems to be an anarchist and she is defending tradition in the themes of her story.

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      1. Nicholas

        I studied Frankenstein for GCSE English and started rereading it towards the end of 2019, but had to stop as it was bad for my mental health at the time. I am currently reading John Walton’s “The Lost World of the Flood” at the moment before bed, and the Bartimaeus books for pleasure during the commute and my lunch-break.


      2. Looks like there’s a bonus chapter not in some editions of Frankenstein called Goodbye dear Prometheus. Do you know much about this Nicholas? Also, what is there difference between the 1818 and 1831 editions ?


      3. Nicholas

        Those details I am not familiar with. When I studied it in school I was around 14/15 years old. But the themes have stuck with me. I recall the phrase being mentioned, “Did I request thee, Maker?”


    2. Nicholas

      I find I can meditate on all sorts of secular things – if we turn something to a cause for Christian reflection, we can profit by occasions that are otherwise not so profitable – but watch your blood-pressure. No point exposing yourself to fruitless provocation, which is why I generally just scan the headlines on the BBC news website – I get in and out, just so I know what’s going on.

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