Day 7- The Fighting Mile

Psalm 5: 3-4

It is you whom I invoke, O Lord.

In the morning you hear me;

In the morning I offer you my prayer,

Watching and waiting


The Fighting Prayer

Lord, I am tired. It seems that I never have enough money, or energy or time. I am somewhere that I don’t want to be. I have abandoned my dreams and I have abandoned you. Please send down your Holy Spirit to rescue me. To give me guidance, strength and direction. I need your supernatural power to help me overcome the many obstacles in my life. I am tired of fighting the world. Lord fight for me.  Amen

Several weeks ago, my family and I began boxing. The class is not sparring but instead a workout of hitting a heavy bag. I had been searching for a place where my family and I could be together while fighting the world. I was tired of fighting the world on my own.

There are only a couple of moves in boxing. Jab, uppercut, hook, cross. You repeat these moves over and over in combinations. The class is you and the bag, not you and the world, so the focus is clear where the fight is, within ourselves.

Most days, I work so hard that I can’t go back to class the very next day. There is always some part of my workout where I punish myself. While boxing gives my kids strength and self-confidence, it makes me more competitive. And I realize I do not even have an opponent on the other side.

I seem to forget that my all- knowing, omnipotent God exists in boxing too. He exits in all things. But like in boxing, I push Him aside, forget Him, tell Him that I can do it on my own. This type of thinking has been programmed into me, that I have the responsibility and direct control of my mission.

The inspiration is from above, the determination is from within.

We must choose who and what to follow. This makes the first part easy and more palatable. Ok now what?

Desire to do His will…

Ok, easy enough…

Now do it yourself


It’s the last part where the fight happens. We want to do what God asks of us but forget that we are not the master of it. His Will, His Way, not our will our way.

When the disciples wanted to dismiss the crowds because they had no food to feed them, they were not thinking like God, but like men.

“This is a deserted place and it is already very late. Dismiss them so that they can go to the surrounding farms and villages and buy themselves something to eat.” (Luke 6:35-36)

I am tired of fighting…

Jesus: Give them some food yourselves (Luke 6:37)

God is telling me to do it myself?

We don’t want to do with what we have because that answer is too easy.  Jesus isn’t saying He will make something. He is saying that He has already made something.

Let’s go back to that heavy bag…

It’s me and the bag. He wants me to fight. He gave me the ability to do so. I have to punch the bag to make me stronger. But it is Him who provides the strength, not me. I still have to move my arms. I still have to work.

Today, in your own life, stand still and look at your surroundings, your problems, the thing that you are fighting and and ask yourself ,

Am I fighting God rather than helping Him? Am I expecting something to appear when it is already right in front of my face? Am I fighting myself?

You might be surprised at your answer…



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