Day 15- The Perfumed Mile

Here I am, Lord (Refrain)

Here I am Lord
Is it I Lord?
I have heard You calling in the night
I will go Lord
If You lead me
I will hold Your people in my heart
In sleep is silence. We lie still. Our thoughts may run but are bodies do not. There is dark and room to breathe. We may be afraid but the night overtakes us. The closing of eyelids, tears and burdens wash away. Night is the preparation for day. God can break in like a thief.
Anxiety and fear holds us back from so many things. From experiencing life, from feeling joy and most importantly from hearing God. When we are blocked from His voice there is chaos. We forget that He controls the universe.
In stillness there is no barrier to Him. We neglect sleep, thinking that He will only talk to us when eyes are wide and cries go out.
We cannot listen when we are talking
Sometimes He just wants to give us a simple message. This helps feed the soul when life gets complicated. I need to know He loves me. I ask Him to be there, but I do not wait.
So He waits for me
Middle-of-the-night wakings are common for me. If the Lord cannot get my attention during the day, He will reach for me at night.
Last night, restless, I awoke to the smell of sweet perfume. Simply penetrating. He did not say anything, just revealed His presence. Sat by my bedside. Watched me sleep. 
I went back to bed thinking I was dreaming. Then again the sweet aroma roused me. This time I knew it was Him.
In the silence of my heart I listened. He was there. He came just to love me.
He came just to tell me He loved me.
God’s presence may be manifested to quiet your soul. He may not send His answer. He may not answer your question. He may just want to love you, be good to you, become a sweet oblation for you. His sweet smell will open the closed places. Allow you to hear and be obedient to His calling.
You don’t recognize Him because you won’t wake up. He is all around you…
I cannot wait to meet you in my sleep. I cannot wait to see you, to hear you, to smell your sweet aroma. Lord, I am tired. Allow my soul rest and my ears to be open. When you call me, let me recognize your presence- whether by sight, smell, touch or any other way you choose to come to me. Your presence is what I need, nothing else. Help me to clear all else away and make room for only you. I look forward to meeting you tonight Lord and allowing you to simply love me.
In Jesus Name, Amen


2 thoughts on “Day 15- The Perfumed Mile

  1. Hey did you correspond this with the daily reading today with Samuel hearing the voice of God while sleeping or is this coincidence? I don’t think you mentioned Samuel, so it seems a bit providential.

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