Comrade Bergoglio


Zmirak interviewed by Evangelical on Bergoglio’s submission to Communist China and other atrocities:


The obvious question one might ask is why would I stay in a Church that has an antipope as its head and is rife with deep corruption; from sexual perversions, crooks, Communists, Marxists and assorted leftists and globalists and the list goes on.

Well, if this were going on at the time of my conversion, I may not have. I make no claim to having supernatural faith of such a degree that I might not be put off by these things and not see that, in fact, these constant attacks are a sign that the Church is protected by God and even the gates of hell and most atrocious of men cannot destroy her.

A few stories of interest which Bishop Barron (of all people) used in his book Letter to a Suffering Church.

The Emperor Napoleon is said to have confronted Cardinal Consalvi, the Secretary of State to Pope Pius VII, saying that he, Napoleon, would destroy the Church — to which the Cardinal deftly responded, “Oh my little man, you think you’re going to succeed in accomplishing what centuries of priest and bishops have tried and failed to do?”

Hillaire Belloc made this rather acid observation in reference to the moral and intellectual quality of the Church’s leadership: “The Catholic Church is an institution I am bound to hold divine — but for the unbelievers a proof of its divinity might be found in the fact that no merely human institution conducted with such knavish imbecility would have lasted a fortnight.”

People with more insight than I had when I converted see this constant attack as proof of the divine rule and supernatural origins of the Church and I have come to believe the same. __ Scoop

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