Day 16- The Bold Mile

Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

He remained outside in deserted places, and people kept coming to him from everywhere.

Mark 1:45

Have you ever wondered why God has brought you somewhere? Maybe a business trip, an appointment with a new doctor or a place in your life that you did not expect to be? We have all experienced a time when we have been outside of our comfort zone. When God is looking to move us on spiritually, he often stretches us, in order to bring us to the next level of where He needs us.

Several years ago, I received results of an abnormal blood test. After testing several times, my nurse practitioner looked worried.

I think it’s time to see a hematologist.

For what?

She paused and took a breath…

It could be cancer.

Ok. I just decided to do the next thing. Make an appointment with the doctor.

Everyone in the lobby already had cancer, but me. Bags of fluid, patches of hair, tired eyes. I was outside looking in. I entered the patient room.

If your levels drop any lower we are going to have to test for cancer… doctor’s voice trailing off.

There was that word again. I still chose not to feel. I had only been a Christian maybe a year. Why would God save me just to allow me to die?

I found the thought irrational and so I ignored it. I made the next appointment.

Sitting in the waiting room, I noticed an elderly lady across from me. She was looking right at me. But it wasn’t her. I saw Christ. So I went over to her to see what she needed.

We struck up a conversation. We talked about God. I pulled out a bible that I had placed in my purse for a moment just like this. She told me she had stage 4 breast cancer and that she was going to die soon. She cried and told me she had made many mistakes in her life and that God would never forgive her. I listened, handed her the bible and told her that God forgives.

Not me

Yes, even you

Her eyes widened

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The tears kept coming.

It’s true, I told her. It’s all true. I handed her the bible.

This is yours, I told her.

I reached for her and she reached back. She was no longer an outsider. She was forgiven.

Now I can die in peace, she said.

I heard the nurse call out my name. I was being called in to see the doctor to get my own news. I sat down.

Papers started ruffling as the doctor held my chart. A confused look started to form on his face. Then silence.

This doesn’t really make much sense but I have good news for you. Your numbers started climbing.

How? Why?

No explanation, he said. See you in 3 months for your checkup.

I was numb. I walked out. My friend was still in the lobby. She was reading the bible I gave her. We hugged each other, she was still crying. She whispered in my ear, “I am forgiven.”

I knew why I was there.

God places us in unusual, uncomfortable and desolate places. He is on the outskirts. The places we never imagined we’d be. But the scripture does not say that while in those places that He is hard to find. In fact it says the opposite. It says that He remains outside. This means He is visible, present and waiting.

Today, as you journey about your world, life may take you somewhere that you didn’t expect. Meet that expectation with eyes wide open and a heart that is ready to receive grace.You are carrying Christ.

Let us pray

Heavenly Father,

Today I am unsure of why you may have brought me to this place. Let me not focus on the why and instead keep my focus on you. There may be a person that you have sent for me to speak with or a place that you want me to bring your son. May I do your will Lord in all things with bold expectation that I am carrying the Christ child.

In Jesus name,


3 thoughts on “Day 16- The Bold Mile

  1. About 2 years ago, I found myself in a waiting room at a cancer facility for a loved one. They had semi-private rooms where you’d be there with maybe two other families. One of the families got bad news about the wife. She left and her husband started talking to me. I think he saw I was reading Pope John Paul II’s spiritual diary. He said, “ I suppose…we just have to ask God for help and pray.”

    I said, “Sometimes, God gives us crosses so that the pain we endure in faith can be an inspiration that other may come to believe in Jesus.”

    In Catholic theology, suffering has redemptive qualities for us personally. We can offer it it up to the Lord in our journey toward His call to holiness.

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