Day 18- The Anointed Mile

Meadow after receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation

“Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do. I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.” Mark 2:17


I have a sick child. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. What do I do?

Those were about all the words I could muster when my daughter Meadow could not find a way out of her own body. Meadow’s illness began early, maybe around age 3, although we didn’t know it back then. Several bouts of strep throat led to a major change in behavior which led to many calls from her Pre-K teacher. She would fly into fits of rage, become unreasonable and cry for no reason. I began to see a major shift in her personality. My sweet girl, my most well behaved and loving child had become a monster.

Shlomi and I started on a long, arduous and exhausting journey that would eventually take us cross country. There were out of control nights, fits of rage, tears and unexplained breakdowns. Meadow was now a bit older and having problems functioning at school. Calls became frequent, life became desperate. My daughter was a prisoner in her own body. 

The days got very long and I got very desperate. She was diagnosed with everything from Celiac disease to the psychiatric and everything in between, but no doctor really “knew” what was wrong with her. There were no explanations for her sudden behavior change, inability to contain her emotional state or regression. My daughter, my miracle child, the one God gave me, was deteriorating before my eyes. I prayed harder, cried more and held onto Jesus and Mary for dear life.

Events culminated in December of 2019. Things were at there worst. I began my consecration to Mary. The earth began to shift.

Meadow and I traveled the road to wellness with our Blessed Mother. As I made my consecration, she came to Meadow in her dreams. They talked and I watched in amazement. How could a child so young know and understand these spiritual things? We must become like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of God. 

Soon thereafter, I received a heavenly message from our Lord,

take her for anointing of the sick

As a Catholic convert, I was not sure if this was permitted, but I soon realized that this miraculous sacrament was indeed for situations just like this. I called Father and made an appointment. This was my only hope…

Meadow was not nervous. She held onto her silver unicorn while listening to Father talk about what she was about to do. She asked if the unicorn could be anointed too. Father laughed and said sure. She said she was willing. She was 8.

I watched as the sacrament was administered in Father’s office. I watched as she closed her eyes. I saw the peace of Christ come over her. I could not contain my wildly loud sobbing. I saw the hand of God.

As we were leaving,  Meadow clutched her unicorn and turned to me.

I’m at peace mom. Don’t worry. Mary was there.

I could barely breathe. What?

Meadow went on to explain to me in great detail how Mary appeared to her. How she looked, what she was wearing and carrying. She was sure of it. I was too.

Things got better. Roads were opened. Distance became shorter. She had a diagnoses and we were able to begin treating it. Six months after she received the sacrament of anointing of the sick I got my daughter back, and so did He.

In our pain, our desperation, we forget who the Master Healer is. There is no travel, no doctor, no medication that can bring forth a full recovery if it not be through the Christ child. All healing begins with Him, to Jesus through Mary.

It is now a full year later. This is the daughter I remember. She is back from the dead.

Today if you are suffering, reach out to the great physician, Jesus Christ.

6 thoughts on “Day 18- The Anointed Mile

  1. On my own blog, the heading portrait is the raising of Jairus’ daughter by a Russian artist. There’s another beautiful portrait by another Russian artist, both 19th century I believe. There is something beautiful about the darkness of these paintings that draws me closer to the image of Christ in them—the light.

    The Douay Rheims translation is very beautiful and simple in its translation of Christ’s words in that scene: “Fear not, only believe.”

    I also use this particular scene in Mark as a reason for the sacraments and a counter to being spiritual but not religious. Christianity is a both/and religion. The material of creation matters just as much as the spiritual because we are both body and soul. Mark explains this very well when he really emphasizes Christ touching Jairus’ daughter’s hand.

    That whole passage is a beautiful prayer in my heart.

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  2. Shlomi Presser

    If I wouldn’t have been there to witness it, it would be unbelievable. We read about the healings, the resurrections and the miracles in the bible, but it’s still otherworldly to see them happen before your eyes. God is awesome. Thanks for sharing this post. I’m sure it’ll touch the right person in the right way. Love you.

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