Day 19- The Holy Mile

Morning study

Put on the new self, which is being renewed, for knowledge, in the image of its creator. Col 3:10

I look at everything like a deck of cards, what’s in my hand? What do I need to get rid of? What must I hold onto? I stare, wait, decide on what move is coming next. I act strategically, methodically, which way will make me win?

We look at our hand from afar, 5, 6, maybe 7 cards depending on the game. Think then move. Sit with the hand you’re given. What will be next?

In life we do the same. 5,6, maybe 7 choices in front of us. Should I get involved with this group? Is this the right job for me? Should I travel to this place? We pray but don’t filter. The words may go out but the fear sets in. Decisions become overwhelming and voluminous, especially when we sit on our hand and don’t make a move.

Focus is key. Get rid of those things that are not of God, focus on that first. Do I recognize God in this? Is this moving me towards holiness? Do I feel that I’m in a place that I am supposed to be? These questions are all important and answers come that may surprise you…

John the Baptist had one job, to point out the Christ. His life, his being was ordered this way. No extraneous aftermath, no side gigs. He recognized what it was that he was created for and did it. There weren’t hours of discernment. He lived his call away from the world. There was nobody that was going to tell him any differently.

And this should be us too. Away from the world. Understanding our purpose and mission and not letting anything muddy that. Stop drowning in the extraneous and swimming in clear water. The more the universe pushes the farther we should run into the arms of our loving savior.

This has been the case with my writing. The way I am called. The clearing of brush to get to Him. I exist in many things. I am a wife, a mother and an attorney. I am ordered towards God in all of these things. My marriage is a sacrament, my children belong to God and my job is my apostolate. But my writing, my writing is the new self, the song, the glory to God. It is the card in the hand I won’t give away. It is my win.

But where has it been?

I have been away from social media for some time now. I decided to try a different platform in order to connect my writing with people. I slaved over taking just the right picture to fit my writing, but soon I realized that I don’t write in pictures, and words can’t be translated into images. I really enjoyed the art and creativity of being able to use my pictures and hone my photography skills, but God did not call me to be a photographer, He called me to write. And so I left the last bastion of social media after only 2 weeks to once again focus on my words and where they were going.

During my short foray into the Instagram world, I learned a term from a friend of mine who has been successful using that platform. Verified. 

What’s that? I asked her

That is for famous people, popular and well-known bloggers, influencers, those sorts of people.

I get the famous people thing, I told her. But what is an influencer?

Someone who has a large following and people listen to them. They are paid by companies and have endorsements.

Sounds very worldly, I told her.

I don’t speak in pictures and I don’t sell other people’s stuff.

Ya, you might have a problem in this format she said laughing.

This morning I went back to my hand. What card was I going to get rid of? 

Instagram had to go.

Hold your hand of cards in front of you, what cards do you have? One by one take each card and ask yourself these questions: Is this making me holy? Does this thing that I am doing help order my being towards God or is it taking me away from Him? Does this activity distract me from the work that He is calling me to do?

Heavenly Father,

I want my being always to be ordered towards you. Help me to stay laser focused on what I know you have given me and let go of what you have not. Help me to recognize where you are calling me by helping me to rid myself of things that are not of you. When I am focused and in line with your will, my life is at peace. Search me God and know my ways, correct me and guide me so that I can live a life that is pleasing to you and satisfying in you.

In Jesus Name,


Share with me if you feel God is also calling you to get rid of something! Let’s talk about it.



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