Day 20- The Surface Mile

In the morning there was a layer of dew all about the camp, and when the layer of dew evaporated, fine flakes were on the surface of the wilderness, fine flakes like hoarfrost on the ground. Exodus 16:13-14

Are you a person who lives on the surface? A fine layer of shame, or guilt or perfection covering your body? Do you live just to get through the day, or are you living for the promise of eternity? These questions should sit heavy on your heart if you are looking for the something more.

There is a thinly veiled space between sick and well, joy and pain. Yet we fail to wait for the morning sun, or the wind to blow or to stay perfectly still in a solitary place. I am quick to want the next thing, quick to allow myself to be consumed by a wasted emotion. I do not sit long enough to uncover what is beneath the surface. 

This is bible study. People are searching for answers. Many ask me where and how I find them or why I wake up so early to search them out. Under the cover of darkness as dark makes its way into the uncovering of the sun’s light, I read the scripture and enter under the surface through an ancient practice called lectio divina. It’s a prayerful way of reading scripture, a way to uncover the dew to reveal the manna. It is the only way I know to survive.

In lectio divina, God’s gentle voice breathes on dew covered words to reveal sustenance. I, like you, need answers. These answers are not found just anywhere in the world. They are found through God’s spoken word, the gentle stroke of His pen, His lovesongs to me and to you.

I start before the house wakes. When air is still, and I can hear the creaking of doors. I light my candles, one and then two, and allow the Holy Spirit to do the work for me. My body sits back in its chair while I allow my soul to be directed.

Some mornings, I ask God a lot of questions. Then I sit back. I do not think of answers, I am not God. It’s ok if I don’t understand right away, I sit until I do. I don’t always have an answer, but I always gain peace.

Lectio Divina is the bible coming to you. It is a shift in the Spirit. It is God moved not people moved. You see things uncovered as opposed to in there natural form. It is a healing ointment, a steaming cup of coffee, an unraveling.

Pull the readings for the day. What part of it is drawing you in? Is it just one word? Stay there. Is it a sentence? Stay there instead. Just drift until you feel an undeniable, soft magnetic pull. Write it down.

Read it several times in the confines and hideaway of your soul

Why are you drawn to it? Ask God. Why is He having you stop at this stop sign as opposed to the next? Ask Him why. What is He trying to get through to you? What is He trying to say?

Sit with Him, just sit now with what He has told you. Respond to Him. Only you know how to do that.

Now rest. Rest in the exchange. Think about what He has told you and how you responded. Feel your peace. Remember it when the day gets long. Don’ t leave until your divine conclusion.

Today, start with just 15 minutes of bible reading. Let it sit in your soul. Soon you will see the bread of heaven and then be able to eat it. Why would you miss God’s powerful provision? He has the sustenance already prepared for you today. Just wait for the morning sun to serve its function and allow the dew to evaporate.

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