Day 23- The Hemp Mile

An absolutely ridiculous pair of shoes that she made me buy to take a ridiculously fun dance class

In your love remember me. Psalm 25:7

Last October, God decided to make me an expert in all things hemp, and so I found myself square in the middle of a statewide struggle to understand and define the blurry lines between hemp and marijuana. I didn’t feel at all qualified to speak or teach about the subject. Science was never my strong suit and this, this was all about science. Numbers and percentages and decimals scared me. But God gave me a friend, someone who was more well versed and comfortable with science and numbers to help me through.

We traveled together to meetings, and listened to speakers who went on and on about the great benefits of hemp, CBD and all of their billion and one derivatives. While she studied the science behind all of it, I studied the legal effects. And one afternoon after a lengthy morning of governmental hearings, she decided to take me to a donut shop.

This isn’t just any donut shop, she said,  This is THE donut shop, THE BEST!

I had been there before but not in a long time. In fact, I hadn’t been anywhere in a long time, I thought to myself.

We had all of our notes with us- marijuana plants, seeds, and all as we walked into THE donut shop.

I mean we have to do this. We just spent three hours learning all about marijuana and hemp. It is only fitting to get donuts, she laughed.

She was an unlikely friend. She is a millennial and I am a Gen X’r. We come from completely different backgrounds and upbringings. I brought her upstairs to work with me because I saw that she had a keen eye for detail and was far more intelligent than the title she held. And because of that, I picked her to be with me to work on one of the most important projects of my career.

Sitting there in the donut shop, picking the most ridiculously lavish, and ooey gooey donuts, I started to feel the blood circulate through my body again.

My job is so serious. My life is so serious. And sometimes, I realized, I make holy to be something so serious. I do not allow for fun anymore.

But Jesus is laughter and joy and smiles. He is heartbeat. He is an adventurer and a traveler and the god man of new experiences.

He is a friend 

In the midst of one of the most serious projects of my life, I laughed and ate a gourmet donut. It reminded me that I I didn’t have to try so hard. That I could stop and enjoy the fruits of my labor. That I could laugh out loud and at myself and with a good friend.

In all the many months we had been working together, I thought that I was opening doors for her. What I didn’t expect was that she would be opening them for me.

God remembered me. He remembered that I had forgotten to laugh, and be and eat. He remembered that I needed love, and a friend who could teach me divine lessons that I could not teach myself.

Today, don’t take yourself so seriously. Take a break, call a friend, do something fun and out of the box, laugh. Go eat a ridiculous donut. You’ll still be holy. 


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