Day 25- The Companion Mile

My faithful companion Layla asleep on the job again

My companions saw the light but did not hear the voice of the one who spoke to me. Acts 22:9

I found Layla on the internet. I had searched through hundreds of pictures as I was intent on getting a dog. It was exactly three weeks before my wedding, and my husband was none to thrilled about the idea.  I was going to get this dog no matter what, until of course my almost husband said No. For eight hours I cried on a couch.

There was just something about this dog that moved me. We had visited with her earlier that day as she was in a foster home and we instantly connected. She came over to me, sat on my lap and immediately began licking me all over. She had marked her territory in my heart and I needed her just as much as she needed me. But I would have no idea how much that would be.

Eight hours, a visit and a good cry later, my husband came home with Layla in his arms.

I’m sorry, he said. I had to get her for you. She belongs here.

I could not stop crying and loving this dog. I held her with me, had her sleep next to me and was instantly bonded to her. It was shortly after that I received the most dreaded call of my life. My grandmother had a sudden heart attack. I collapsed at the news. When I came to, I was on the ground and Layla was with me, licking my unseen wounds.

I brought pictures of Layla to nanny at the hospital. She loved her instantly. I would go home every night and cry, knowing that things were bad and unsure if Nanny would make it to my wedding. Layla would be right by me, very close, licking me as if she knew.

Nanny didn’t make it to the wedding and three months later she passed away.

Layla was very protective over me. Didn’t leave me. Stayed with me during my grief. Her presence gave me a great, unspeakable comfort. Her silence was healing.

I didn’t know that nanny wouldn’t make it to my wedding, or that she would die so soon, but God did. He planned ahead. He brought me Layla.

Sometimes we assume or expect that people hear or understand what God says to us or how God appears to us. It is frustrating when we try and explain ourselves, are blinded by something, and our words fall short of explanation. Sometimes humans have no answers to help us through our grief.

But Christ does

Other people cannot feel exactly the way we feel or see exactly what we see. Our expectations of them understanding us and what we may be going through are too high. Christ wants us to turn to HIM, to trust HIM in ALL things. And although we may not be able to see or understand His plan, He sends us comfort and peace in the meantime.

We still have Layla and her presence continues to heal me. She reminds me that I am ok, she continues to protect me. I am grateful. She is Christ with me.

Do you have a loving animal in your life that has helped you? Please share with me here, I’d love to hear your story!

For a beautiful story on Kathy’s experience with her faithful canine companion Gage, go visit her post at a time to share.

(Warning, bring tissues)

Thanks Kathy for the wonderful inspiration that stirred my soul!

2 thoughts on “Day 25- The Companion Mile


    Thanks for sharing my post. There’s something wonderful about pets. I’ve read somewhere that God gave dogs his own name, spelled backwards, as a reminder of His unconditional love. Even though it isn’t Biblical, I think it’s a good thought.

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    1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser

      It’s excellent Kathy! I dreamed last night that a dog was licking my face. Her face was pink. I prayed about the interpretation and knew it was Christ nursing my wounds, and pink is the liturgical color of anticipatory joy!

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