State of the Blog Address

I would like to give my thanks to those who have contributed to the blog.

In past attempts to relaunch our previous community–All Along the Watchtower–our work here at On the Pilgrim Road has been the most successful. Our viewership has been some of the strongest I’ve seen for a new blog, so I encourage those who write here to view the stats and continue writing because it’s already giving your ideas exposure and the more you guys write the more our exposure will grow.

I would like to grow our authorships. The vision is to create a forum of smart Christian commentary in various writing forms to discuss modes of Christian practice like prayer and sacraments and theological commentary. All Along the Watchtower primarily approached religion; however, On The Pilgrim Road has been set up as a forum for commentary on culture like music, movies, games, literature, history etc. I encourage our writers to engage in those topics too.

I think it is also important to state that On The Pilgrim Road does not have a collective mission statement. The views of one author is their own and does not speak for On The Pilgrim Road–as the blog serves merely as market place of ideas; the way universities should act–or any other author. Sadly, it’s important to make such a statement because of the current trend of “cancel culture” and gotcha trends. Our blog will operate under the golden rule given by Christ. If there is an issue brought forward by authors, those matters will be reviewed, if anything needs to be done.

I hope to add writers from more Christian denominations. If any that write here know of any who be interested in blogging for us please let me know.

I think it’s important to develop a schedule for blog posts. I’d like to encourage some of our other authors to try to post something once a week and pick a specific day. At the moment, we’re lucky that Melissa is writing a post every morning;however, it’s not something the blog can always depend on. I’d suggest that blog posts be scheduled for 11 am eastern time, as they will be posted several hours after Melissa’s posts. After Melissa has completed her one year devotional, we can move to an earlier time. However, after some research, there is a search in viewers around lunch periods of normal working days. So, it’s a good time to post.

If there are any ideas please comment below. Any readers are welcome to give their opinions. I have suspended our twitter account. We’ve had a drop of views of maybe about 10 a day. If majority of writers want me to continue that twitter account I will strongly consider it–although I do enjoy being away from it.

Thanks for your efforts.

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