Everything I thought I knew; I no longer know

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


My father, like most of us, was a much more complex individual than I had ever conceived; having conflicted views about life and its ultimate purpose. His rational explanations regarding his upbringing and the character of both his father and mother were taken at face value by myself and others without any thought other than to take his word at face value as the truth as best as his memory was capable of reproducing them;  and thus the events of his life were recounted numerously and accepted as fact . . . though I have no facts other than to see his life through his eyes and mind.

I might also mention here that my father was not a man of Christian faith though he was a believer in the Einstein partial belief of at least being controlled by an intelligence which can be seen plainly behind all that…

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The President at The March for Life

At least most of our American readers will be aware that President Trump became the first President to personally address the March for Life last Friday. It was a powerful address, as you will see. The Catholic Herald has an article by C C Pecknold which brings to the fore one of the bases of …

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