The President at The March for Life

At least most of our American readers will be aware that President Trump became the first President to personally address the March for Life last Friday. It was a powerful address, as you will see.

The Catholic Herald has an article by C C Pecknold which brings to the fore one of the bases of our support for the right to life.

As early as the middle of the first century, a treatise known as the Didache began to be circulated. The word means “teaching.” Attested in some manuscripts as the teaching of the twelve apostles, it is absolutely the teaching of an early Jewish Christian community who had compiled the work over decades on the basis of a preexisting Jewish catechetical text which spoke about “the Two Ways” for it’s opening lines, “there are two ways: one of life and one of death. There are great differences between these two ways.”

Today the Didache might be best known for what it teaches about abortion—but that’s not actually a distraction from its central teaching about God. That’s because the Jewish Christian authors were convinced that there were two, and only two, ways of viewing abortion, and they perfectly corresponded to how one responded to the command “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Those who loved God and their neighbor as themselves would fulfill the Torah — the Way of Life — not only by being merciful, guileless, long-suffering and generous, but also by abstaining from certain actions which would be contrary to the love of God and neighbor. Because life is sacred, and belongs to God, murder is contrary to the Way of Life. Because marriage is sacred, and is instituted by God as the womb of life, those who follow the Way of Life will not commit adultery. And when it came to raising children which are the fruit of marriage, they would not molest their neighbor’s children, as the Greeks did, but educate and safeguard them against evil.

I, of course, can’t speak for you, but to me that plainly, and perhaps from the Apostles’ own lips tells us what is right. But what is the other side?

Thus those who follow the Way of Death are “persecutors of the good, haters of truth, lovers of lies” because they “have no knowledge of their Creator.” It is unthinkable that one could destroy your neighbor in the womb and love God. These are utterly incompatible. So it can only be that those who follow the Way of Death do so because they have no knowledge of their Creator. It is their hatred of God which leads them into the hatred of their neighbor in the womb, and they become “murderers of children, corrupters of God’s creation.”

That is seriously strong medicine, and it could not be more unequivocal. Abortion is against all we as Christians believe, it violates the basic tenet of our faith, to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is a clear choice between good and evil. Yes, there can arise some gray areas, such as those who know nothing of the Faith. But we also know that many who are involved in abortion as either provider or client have come to have great grief over it, even without becoming Christians. We do have an innate sense of good and evil, and infanticide is clearly evil.

Here is President Trump’s address noting that there is a transcript at Powerline.

So is the President actually pro-life (or even conservative)? Does it matter? It matters to his soul, of course, and he says he had a “road to Damascus” moment about abortion some years ago. Frankly, I believe in redemption, so I have no reason to doubt him. Ace at Ace of Spades spoke to this as well, and I pretty much agree with him, which is hardly unusual for me.

It’s hard to take people who are plainly more liberal than conservative shrieking “Trump’s not a real conservative” when for 40 years those same undercover liberals have strongly advised GOP presidents to stay away from the March for Life.

Is Trump really a conservative?

I don’t know. Is my lawyer really on my side? If he keep doing a good job at pressing my claims in court and defending me from accusations, do I care if he’s “really on my side” or just on my side because I pay him?

Is my lawyer acting like he’s on my side just because he loves me or due to the facts that our interests align, and he can expect to profit by advancing my interests?

Does it matter?

You know, Milton Friedman said, approximately, never count on a politician to “do the right thing.” Only count on politicians to do things which are in their own interest.

And Donald Trump has, for whatever reason, decided that advancing the conservative cause is in his own self-interest.

Meanwhile, the NeverTrump critics of the billionaire’s-playground “conservative media” have an entirely different set of interests — career interests which include making sure they’re always considered “safe and reasonable Polite Company Conservatives” who can be hired by Michael Bloomberg and other leftwing media tycoons, and making sure their columns comport with the political and economic imperatives of the identities-concealed AEI corporate/billionaire donors paying their home mortgage payments.

Trump acts as if he’s on my side.

And that is good enough for me, as well. Mr. Trump is my president, not my pastor, and if he can see supporting my Faith as in his interest, that’s all I have any right to expect of him.

3 thoughts on “The President at The March for Life

  1. audremyers

    Wonderful article.

    As this trial against the President goes on, different statements come up – one side or the other – that what ‘A’ said in 1998 is different from what ‘A’ said in 2019. Well I should hope so! I am not the same person today I was 20 plus years ago. I’m not the same person I was five years ago. With age comes, one hopes and prays, wisdom. Reading, experience, prayer and thought help us to grow and to view things differently than we did when we were younger – even a little younger.

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