Day 39- The Royal Mile

Now he is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else- not only in this world but also in the world to come. Ephesians 1:21

Listen, O daughter, give ear to my words: forget your own people and your father’s house. So will the king desire your beauty: He is your Lord, pay homage to him. Psalm 45:11-13

NABRE Bible Commentary: the bride should no longer consider herself a daughter of her father’s house, but the wife of the king- the queen.

Because King Solomon asked for the right things, God gave him more. In addition to giving him wisdom and understanding in order to effectively rule his people, he gave him what he did not ask for, “such riches and glory that among kings there is not your like.” (1 Kings 3:13).

We too are God’s royalty; when we do His will, ask for the things that are in accordance with His teachings, His way of doing business. We ask for an increase in virtue when we pray the rosary, we ask to give our lives away so we can serve His. And in exchange, He grants us riches of the heart and promotes us in ways we never imagined. Doubles the blessings. I prayed for this child and I received two, then one more. I am His beloved and His Queen. I represent Him on this earth as His bride. What do people see in me?

I leave everything behind for Him-worldly teachings, my way of doing things, to love the one that I am betrothed too. When I take His crown of glory, I also agree to take His crown of thorns.

Love is for better or for worse

I exchange my heart for His, in sickness and in health, in suffering and in joy.  I die to self for my beloved. I leave family and friends and house behind. I leave a false narrative of the world’s stability and its ability to give me anything. I wash myself in the water and cleanse myself of this world’s impurities. I immerse myself in His incense, His smell, His perfume. I want to leave behind a sweet smell as an offering of what He has done for me. I want it to linger in the nostrils of those who meet me.

I want them to know who my lover is

My crown may be one of thorns, but the world sees one made of diamonds. Nobody has authority over me but Him. I give Him my mind, my heart and my body to do with them what He may will. I trust Him because He is the only eternal and divine thing in this world. I go where He asks me to go. I stay where He asks me to stay.

My marriage to Him is an eternal one- impenetrable by events, or time or sin. He will never stop loving me. He will never see me as anything less than his bride in a white unstained wedding dress. His love for me is passionate and unceasing.

While lovers are transient, He is not. He is the perfection of husbandry. He is who I run too when the world is cruel and tells me my white wedding dress is stained. And even when it is, I beg His forgiveness, and He removes the mark that once was etched in my soul.

I am not a victim I am a new creation in Him. I am His bride. If my heart desires, I can live in His company daily, choose to see Him in everything, even in the suffering eyes of this world. He says that He is the God of the living, not the dead, and I believe Him. 

Because marriage is forever, I am not afraid. His scars match mine. When I look down and see our hands touch I see the same gashing wound in His hands that I see in mine.

My husband is the God of the wounded

Life is poetic with Him, when I allow it to be. It is sun, and moon and stars. Happy Birthdays. Longevity of life. It is crown of diamonds even when it is crown of thorns.

I am of the cross. This is the shape He comes in. His resurrection still presented wounds. This tells me He will never stop loving me. I have them too.

But I share my lover freely with all of you, anyone I meet. I give my betrothed away daily. I talk about Him constantly. I do not work in galaxies of scientific proof, I work in the space of the soul. We cannot prove love, we just know it when we feel it. 

And He is not a hypothesis to be tested, He is a song to be sung. He is the Father of my children, the lover of my soul.

My good and precious Lord,

I ask you today to love those who do not feel loved. To fill them up to ecstasy with your Holy presence. You grant prayers that are never asked for, but you know our hearts and souls so intimately that they sing to you. Bring your immense love this day to all souls. Fill this world with your love and mercy, fill it with your peace. Bring revival to the hearts of many, especially to your bride here on this earth,the Catholic church. And let your people come in droves to serve you this day.

In your Holy name I pray,




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