Another Novus Ordo Sunday

Another episode in the life of a dying Catholic parish. __ Scoop

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


Well, the beat goes on. There is something I could say about every Mass at my parish that would leave real Catholics scratching their heads or shaking them in disbelief; from the homilies, to the music, to the overuse of the laity and to the overall disrespect for the Eucharist (forgive them Father for they know not what they do).

This morning I was treated to a truly scandalous treat for those who find a scandal exciting. A high school girl apparently brought a non-Catholic to Mass with her. I noticed her because she kept talking to her friend and “explaining” the Mass (which obviously she was non qualified to do) as the Mass progressed.

As we were nearing the reception of the Eucharist, she showed her friend how to receive it in the hand. So, of course, she presented herself to a woman who was acting as a faux…

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18 thoughts on “Another Novus Ordo Sunday

  1. Some explanations wouldn’t matter much, but one that I’ve heard that is fairly effective is explaining that partaking in communion with the Catholic Church you are assenting to all of the teachings of the Church: Mary, on contraception, on abortion, on Marriage, on the authority of the Pope, on the magisterium, etc.

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  2. Hard to justify that, at least in Lutheran theology, which stated forthrightly in the Confessions: “Christ says [1 Cor. 11:29] that “all who eat and drink unworthily, eat and drink judgment against themselves.””. So by her actions, we would say she does him actual harm. Hardly the act of a friend.

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    1. Precisely. I’m afraid her good intentions did nothing more than scandalize Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I feel sorry for her but I am outraged at the lack of teaching these kids are missing out on before they are Confirmed in the faith. She was so proud of herself when all she should have felt was shame . . . but, she simply had no idea what she was doing.

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      1. Yep, in a way, not really her fault, it’s her priest’s. But it is also why I have always thought that you confirm too young, nobody whose age is in single digits understands the import of what we are talking about. Very few really do at 14 or so where we confirm, but a little more experience never hurts.

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      2. Indeed so. But then age doesn’t even matter since Vatican II as most of these kids are taught by lay-moms who don’t know much more than the kids they teach. So it is the blind leading the blind that we are facing; a perpetual tail chasing exercise that is as useless as the old dog who finally succeeds in biting its own tail: at least they learn that it hurts when they do this. But in this case they will simply continue forever and never realize how stupid their so-called theology is.

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      3. That is one thing I will say in favor of the UCC church I grew up in, Confirmation class was taught by and only by the pastor himself, aa it had only and always been. Lots of problems in their muddled theology (and it’s gotten worse from what I read), but at least they taught it seriously.

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      4. That’s reasonable, resources we didn’t have available. I have that now, it was one of the things that attracted me to Lutheranism. It knows what it is, rather than the conglomerate that the UCC is.

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      5. It is easy to do although our forefathers and even the apostles did not shy away from condemning those who would destroy the faith of others . . . they are like an infection in the Body of Christ and a feverish response is sometimes the best and only method to kill out the virus that might destroy the Body.

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      6. . . . and sometimes the Holy Spirit may prompt you to reply in the most appropriate manner to make a lasting impression on the offender. We need not try overly hard to self analyze our psychological responses. If it is a gut reaction at the time it is probably the most appropriate.

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