Day 41- The Healing Mile

Meadow in a moment of smiles. The sacred tassel of Christ.

“Whatever villages or towns or countryside he entered, they laid the sick in the marketplaces and begged him that they might touch only the tassel on his cloak; and as many as touched it were healed.” Mark 6:56

Before healing comes compassion. Before compassion comes encounter. And before encounter comes the love of God.

We often think that we are too small, too weak to have anything to do with miracles. If we believe this, we are beyond the reach of healing, beyond the reach of Christ. Step back from the bigness of this world to see its smallness.

The ill only touched a tassel on His cloak

Stories of Christ’s encounter with the sick are always laden with one theme- faith. Our Lord does not tell us that people with the biggest wallets and fanciest doctors received the greatest cures. He tells us that those who believed He could did. But before those that were ill came to Him, someone had to carry them.

Someone else first had to believe

When my daughter Meadow was in the throws of her illness, I spent a lot of time before the Blessed Sacrament. I had come to the conclusion that the world had nothing to offer me, and the more ridiculous the promptings of the Holy Spirit, the more convinced I was that this was true. Nobody had the answer but God.

I would do battle in that room. His face before me, my body still. I never once thought that she wouldn’t be cured even though there was no cure. I told God I would come there as often as He allowed and beg him all the more.

In that time of great tragedy, my prayer life soared. I felt closer to God than ever. I looked forward to my visits with Him which became a great blessing. I told God that if He chose not to heal her, that He would have to give me the wherewithal to follow through with her care.

This part of my journey was sacred. I had just found out that they had opened a twenty-four adoration chapel right by me, twenty-four hour access to my God. I could hardly believe it.

Jesus had arrived in my town.

I laid my sick daughter at His feet, and asked for the slightest of signs. I just needed to touch a part of Him, any part, so that I could carry Him back to my daughter. And I did. I shared all those divine whispers and graces with her. He told me not to move her. Not to go anywhere. He told me that she would bring about the salvation of souls. 

I can’t say for certain when the exact moment was that Meadow was healed, but I can recount every step of the journey it took to get there. It built my faith as a spiritual muscle. The more I visited my Lord, the more I learned. And soon I learned the meaning of real joy. I could laugh again, I could breathe again. And I grasped at the moments I saw signs of my once vibrant daughter. Those were my tassels from God. Those are what I held onto.

Healing does not always come in a form that we are prepared to receive. Sometimes God takes His time. Sometimes it comes in a form that we do not expect. His tassels are plentiful, and He invites each one of us to hold onto one. With faith, with love, do not let go.

Heavenly Father,

It is hard to believe when I have so much doubt. I know that part of what I need to do is come to you, to show you that I have great faith. This is the first step. So I come to you now Father, asking you to heal my loved one. I sit in your presence and ask to journey with you and learn the lessons you have for me. I ask that you infuse in me a great joy in the midst of this pain. Help me to laugh again, to live again despite the great sorrow that I am facing. I know Father that this will teach the world who you are. I want you to be my greatest joy.

In Jesus Name,


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