Day 43-The Fearful Mile

My view of this morning’s think tank

“No servant can serve two masters.” Luke 16:13

“All of God’s creatures are His loyal betrayers.” Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven

Fear and faith cannot co-exist. They are not brothers of one another, or cousins of the same family. They are diametrically opposed to one another. They are one side of the spectrum and the other.

How many times has God given you something and you doubt? You spend countless hours on your knees, or questioning where your feet currently are. You look at your uniform with its number of stars, the placard on your office door, or your name in the church bulletin and wonder if you are supposed to be there. You are unqualified, you recognize grace, and you call yourself an impostor.

The danger with humility is that if it goes to far, it changes virtue into doubt. You realize who you are and think, how did I get here? You are in a room full of people and wonder if they see the seventeen, or eighteen or twenty-two year old you. You feel the weight of your past and wonder if they see you carrying it.

What would they do if only they knew where you came from?

I wonder what would happen if instead of questioning God and asking for Gideon signs, we simply chose to follow Him. We prayed instead for strength and thanked Him for grace. We chose to believe that we were chosen.

That the Master qualified us for a job that didn’t exist.

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Colossians 3:23

Does that give you some pep in your step? Does it shed light on an exposed secret? The Hound of Heaven will continue to try and make you into what He created you to be. Will you allow Him to pursue you? Will you allow Him to be the caretaker of your soul?

Faith is a choice. He is a choice. Why move or breathe apart from that? If your feet are where they are, why doubt? He has sent you on mission exactly where you are. The cross is heavy, but He is helping you carry it.

Today, let’s choose faith over fear. You cannot serve both. 

“The most powerful safeguard of a pure heart is the spirit of faith by which we see God’s hand in everything that comes to us…This is what the saints did, and made them free.”  Father Jacques Philippe

Heavenly Father,

Help me to see that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Infuse in me the notion that I am qualified for what you have given me, because I know that it is from you. Whether in joy or suffering, this thing, this mission you have given me is mine too walk with. Give me ownership of it with a great peace attached so I can walk forward in faith and shed any fear I have. I do not want to serve two masters Lord, I only want to serve you. Help me see your hand in the middle of it all. Jesus, I trust in you.



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