Day 44- The Busy Mile

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire. Hebrews 12:28-29

My life is consumed by God, even in the moments when it is not. He is always the thought in the back of my mind, my sweetness in the bitterness of the day, and my meditation. But I want to make Him my all. 

God wants all of us, not some of us. I tend to write a lot about busyness because it is the most rampant and relatable sin among men. And out here in the Western world, busyness has become our “all consuming fire.”

But this is not how the scripture reads

And as much as I have loved God, I fell prey to the lie of busyness too. I was there. Success in the world became a great monster of mine, both in trying to make a name for myself and falling into the worldly notion that somehow a laundry list of after school activities would help mold my children into good people. But as my list of things- to- do grew, so did my anxiety. The weeds had choked out the fertile earth, and the garden in my soul was dying. 

Fully withdrawing yourself from the world is a choice, just as what to be busy about is a choice.

Why are we all not like the boy Jesus saying to our Mother, Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49). 

The sin of busyness really is the sin of disobedience. God does not want us to be busy with the things of this world, he wants us to be busy with kingdom business. This can come in many forms, and because He uniquely fashioned and created us, this will look different on each of us.

One of the duties that I carry is legislative, I write laws and change minds all in the name of safety. And although I did not know Christ at 16 years old, I made a promise to the universe that He heard. I stood in the middle of an open space, looked up to heaven and said, “I will never let another child get hurt again, not if I can help it.” God took me seriously, and my entire career has been predicated on that statement I made as a teenager. It looks different depending on the project that I am working on, but to me it is always the same. I made good on my promise. By the grace of God go I…

Last legislative session, as we sat around the table eating dinner and discussing the days events, I was filled with a great joy and hope like never before. We were in fact creating change. I looked across the table and one of my colleagues said to me,

I could never do this full time. I hate it. I hate everything about!

I couldn’t believe what he had just said. As much as he hated it was as much as I loved it. I loved the arguing, the holding my own, the fight. I loved being in the arena and fighting for change. And I told Him so.

How could you not love it? I said. This is my dream! My greatest passion! To effect change.

He looked at me with a fierce intensity and said,

That’s because this is what you were made to do

This is the moment I recognized that I was uniquely made by God. This is the moment I realized what kingdom business was all about. This particular assignment was given to me by God, and I knew it. The long hours, the traveling, the argument was bringing the rest of my crew to dread, when all it brought me was joy, even in the midst of suffering.

That was the moment I decided to take a spiritual inventory. It was the moment I looked at our calendar, the things we were involved with, the unnecessary busyness, the fat if you will, and prayed, really prayed. And although it took several months to discern what was and was not of God, I committed my ways to Him, and He answered. By the end of the year, I had quit all things that I knew were not of Him. I became razor focused. His will became an all consuming fire.

Today, I am a different person. My life is busy, but it is filled with goodness. The kids and I spend more time together. My career is blossoming. God is the permanent center. And I will never forget Him again.

Today ask yourself,  Is what I am doing kingdom business? Am I busy with worldly endeavors or God’s? Am I the cause of my own stress and discord? 

The prayer is simple. Twelve year old Jesus said it best:

Lord, make me like the child Jesus, that I am only about my Father’s business. 



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