A Historiographical Critique of Modern Biblical Skepticism Pt. 1

The goal of this post is not to delve deep within a philosophical discourse or theological treatise, but rather to examine some critical ideas within Christian historical and theological thought to fully flesh out the context of the narrative of Jesus Christ in history. The thesis discussed is whether the narratives are historic in their …

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My Letter to a Committed Anti-Catholic

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

Satanist thugs break into Catholic Church and steal Consecrated Hosts from a Tabernacle to be used in Satanic Rites


An old post that I repost from time to time __ Scoop

Satan is a liar and it is he who, quite often, might confuse our thoughts. Thus my initial decision, to give you no answer, may have been tainted by his urging: for he despises Truth and wants desperately that we not spread it. But Christian charity or love moved by Grace, should not allow me or anyone else to keep the Truth hidden, though it seems probable that you have no intention of listening to it: for you opened your correspondence with the words, “no matter what you send me it will still be of the devil,” which seemingly closes all avenues of approach. But I cannot rely on my assessment of your state of mind or heart. I…

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The “Mark Dilemma” for Futurists

The Orange Mailman

The Preterist position has one great strength in its favor: the gospel of Mark’s version of the Olivet Discourse. Here is a summation of the last two posts on Preterism. While standing at the temple, Jesus tells the crowds and disciples that the temple will be destroyed. The crowds ask him when this will happen and Jesus gives an answer concerning Jerusalem’s desolation, the destruction of the temple, and the eventual end of the times of the Gentiles, all while standing at the temple. This answer is recorded in Luke 21. Later that evening, four disciples come to Jesus privately while on the Mount of Olives and ask Him for further clarification concerning these things, the sign of His coming, and the end of the age. Jesus addresses their questions by focusing on characteristics until the end of the age, giving them the specific sign of the abomination of desolation…

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