Day 58- The Balloon filled Mile

” God in the beginning created human beings and made them subject to their own free choice.

If you choose, you can keep the commandments;

loyalty is doing the will of God.”

Sirach 15:14-15

The book of Sirach reads like a set of instructions, and instructions are important to set boundaries and expectations. Many refer to religion as living by rules and choose not to live that way. They want  freedom from rules. So they make their own rules. But they do not see them as rules, they see them as freedom.

Welcome to the culture of confusion.

We have many choices in this life. What we will do and who we will follow, what we will believe, how we will act. The contrast between life and death, fire and water are metaphors for how we choose to live our lives. God gives us those choices to make.

He is not a God of control.

Loyalty is defined as faithfulness or faithful adherence to something. This could be to a person, to a commitment, to a leader or to a cause. By choosing to be loyal, we choose to be devoted and show allegiance to that thing we claim. So the scripture can be explained in this way:

Being devoted to Him is doing the will of God.

Many people find it hard to quit a habit, or walk away from a group of friends. If you think about, anything that has a higher priority than God is something you are devoted too- even the things you are worried about. The scripture says being devoted to HIM, loyalty to HIM is the will of God.

So if we are devoted to worry, we are in fact not doing His will.

Yesterday, I attended a Day of Reflection at the Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center. The theme of the retreat was, “Not my will, but thine be done,” presented by Father Junesh Xavier. I was sucked into the retreat by the power of those words, always searching for God’s will in my life, wherever that may take me. I laugh because God will use whatever He needs to get our attention and bring us to where we need to be. The retreat title should have been, “Let Go and Let God.”

Father talked about the space that is filled up in our hearts by anger, anxiety, worry and resentment, and so many other things, that God does not have a place to stay, a place to do His work. I imagined my soul cluttered with deep worry and unforgiveness, resentment…so many things. I thought to myself, my soul must look like a horribly cluttered closet with no room for God to hang His things.

As Father talked, my soul opened up. His talk was simple, We choose to let go.


In every moment, in every second, WE choose.

God created us and made us subject to our own free choice. We then can CHOOSE to keep his commandments. Choosing him IS doing the will of God.

I was breathless. How could God get through to me, How could God speak to me with so much clutter? Can you imagine how many things are holding us back from hearing the voice of God? Could this be your spiritual impediment in discernment? Yes, the conviction is great my brothers and sisters. It’s time to get rid of the clutter, repent, and return to your God.

Father gave us this amazing quote to sink deeply into our souls. Talk about conviction!

“We are not at peace with each other because we are not at peace with ourselves, and we are not at peace with ourselves because we are not at peace with God.”

Thomas Merton


Today on Day 2 of Lent, let’s choose to clean our spiritual closets and make room for God’s will. Sit with our God, the God of miracles, and CHOOSE to let go. Yes it’s that simple!

Let go of that grudge that you have borne for twenty years

Let go of that anger that you have held onto for the wrong committed against you

Let go of the hurt that has remained in your heart from that friend that betrayed you

Let go of the resentment toward that parent who abused you or didn’t love you like they should

God showed me a balloon. It was in my hand and so very light. That balloon was the will of God and inside that balloon were all of my heavy burdens, all the things that I needed to let go of. These things that were so heavy in my soul were so light. I looked at the balloon, so beautiful with its radiant pink color. It was my favorite color, I didn’t want to let it go.

But as I stood there before the priest for my confession I heard His words and let that beautiful balloon go.

Just say the word and my soul shall be healed

Aren’t you tired of carrying that weight? Are you ready to Let go and Let God?

Choose your balloon and its color. Fill it with the things you must let go of. Choose to let go. Bring that beautiful balloon with you to confession. Let Father absolve you of your unforgiveness, your resentment. Before absolution, choose to let go and watch it float away into eternity.

You are free.

What will God do with you now?

Create a new beginning.

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