Flattening the Curve of Covid-19

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What is the curve?

The “curve” researchers are talking about refers to the projected number of people who will contract COVID-19 over a period of time. (To be clear, this is not a hard prediction of how many people will definitely be infected, but a theoretical number that’s used to model the virus’ spread.) Here’s what one looks like:


A sample epidemic curve, with and without social distancing. (Image credit: Johannes Kalliauer/ CC BY-SA 4.0)

The curve takes on different shapes, depending on the virus’s infection rate. It could be a steep curve, in which the virus spreads exponentially (that is, case counts keep doubling at a consistent rate), and the total number of cases skyrockets to its peak within a few weeks. Infection curves with a steep rise also have a steep fall; after the virus infects pretty much everyone who can be infected, case numbers begin to drop…

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Day 91- The Deadliest Mile

"When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will realize that I AM." John 8:28 Christians are freed by the sign of death, yet they hardly recognize it. The crucifix dangling around our necks, in our churches and on the walls of our homes are not just pretty adornments; they are meant to …

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What is going on? It seems the numbers are being manipulated concerning Covid-19.

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Please Click on the following link to show the U.S. death rates since Trump took office by the year. It shows the number of deaths per thousand and the % increase and/or decrease in our population (which includes a lot of illegal aliens whose health is not known). These are total deaths (period.full.stop.). One would expect to see a huge spike in deaths for 2020 to date and yet we do not see that. So look at this graph and tell me what you think is going on because I am completely flummoxed by these numbers.


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I guess they have scared the sh*t out of people

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Its bad enough that if you want to have a hand sanitizer in a reasonable amount of time, you must make it yourself using 2/3 cups of isopropyl alcohol and 1/3 cup aloe vera gel; mix it in a bowl without getting it on your hands and pour (using a funnel) into an empty liquid soap bottle.

If it is antiseptic wipes, however, good luck with that one. Orders on line won’t arrive until June if you’re lucky.

God knows what ever the problem is with the toilet paper situation (and paper towels) however. That is another item that only the young and brave who are willing to fight over the latest shipment will immediately fill their carts to the brim with. My best guess is that these people must be scared sh*tless.

In the meanwhile, those people that they denied access to toilet paper are clogging up the sewers…

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