Day 62- The Silent Mile

The Spirit calls, will you listen?

“Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy.”

Leviticus 19:2(b)

holy- separate from human infirmity, impurity, and sin (biblehub)

Yesterday we spoke about fleeing to the desert. Today we talk about how to stay there. It is a  place of separateness, consecration and closeness to the Lord.

Finding our way there may be easy, but enduring there is hard. The scripture does not say that the devil tempted Jesus right away, the scripture says that “he fasted for forty days and forty nights, and afterwards he was hungry” (Matthew 4:2). Spiritual hunger does not come from hours in the desert, it comes in the aggregate of days. It was when Jesus was at His weakest that Satan came to tempt him. But was he really?

What sort of hunger was it?

When we are in the desert, separated, setting ourselves apart, we grow in our wanting, our hunger for God. Our weakest moments actually become our strength. The scriptures say,

For when we are weak, we are strong

2 Corinthians 12:10 (b)

And God wants us weak, not in the physical sense but in the spiritual one. Human hunger brings restlessness and restlessness brings cries out to God.

We sometimes have to be brought to our knees for God to break us

Jesus defeated Satan because he was completely focused on mission. Even in His weakened state, He was empowered because he was emptied.

Jesus sets the example. We are too full of this world. We overeat, overspend and overthink. We fill ourselves with social media rather than spiritual reading. We choose noise over silence. But the emptiness of the desert is what brings us to our knees. It is the only way that He can produce change in us.

What is it that we still haven’t given up? What are we holding onto? What is so tightly wound around us that we are afraid to let go of? God is beckoning us to leave those things behind and run to Him. Drop it right where it is at.

Yes, He will cure you. Yes, He will meet you. Yes He will forgive you, exactly where you are.

Being Holy is fulfilling our rightful role before God. Becoming entrenched in all of His fullness so that we may open up and let light in. You have been slowly cracking, day by day, but God wants you wide open. You bring your offering to Him and He will take it, no questions asked.

We cannot see God if we are holding onto pain, or anger or unforgiveness. We cannot hear Him if the noise from the world is still set to high.

The volume is loud, make the silence louder

Do you not hear Him calling you?

This is how relationship with the Spirit works.

Come my child. Be with me my child. Don’t hold onto the things of this world. You are set apart for me.

Today is Day 5 of Lent. If you have not already let go, do it. Set your self apart. Addiction is not stronger than God. Perfectionism is not stronger than God. Hurt is not stronger than God. He is the strongest.

What is preventing you from running to God? Ask the Lord to intervene so you can join Him in the desert. The best is yet to come.



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