5 thoughts on “Debate Intensifies Over Benedict XVI’s Resignation and Role as Pope Emeritus

  1. Jock McSporran

    …. but surely this isn’t the first time in the history of the Church of Rome that they have had more than one Pope? How did they handle the problem before?


    1. They determined the problem and disposed of them. Some were excommunicated etc. I think there has been over 40 antipopes since Peter. I believe we have another in Francis.


      1. Jock McSporran

        .. well, there are rumours that he has Coronavirus, so perhaps you won’t be bothered with him for much longer.


  2. Jock McSporran

    ah – I wasn’t quite up to date. I saw a picture of him in `The Telegraph’ blowing his nose – but it seems that after that he tested negative for the virus.

    oh well, better luck next time.

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