An excellent post by Cranmer

This is an excellent post by Cranmer:

I have little to add, except the following:

(1) I have personally found Ecclesiastes helpful.

(2) It is well to remember what a friend of mine said to me once: God made this world and new all the possible worlds He could make – but God chose to make a world in which He would die on a cross for His creation.

18 thoughts on “An excellent post by Cranmer

  1. Interesting but lacking in any objective skepticism of our age. Calamities come an go and are a natural occurrence but somehow this particular strain of the common cold has been raised to the height of the greatest pandemic the world has ever known.

    I would suggest that life itself is the greatest pandemic the world has ever known and it spares no country, no religion, no person (holy or unholy). We will all suffer the pangs of death and that is our fate like it or not. It seems that the evil and the suffering that touches every soul and is no different than the fact that it rains on both the good and the bad. We receive what we don’t think we deserve and we are complacent and unthankful. We are deprived of good and we think we are deserving and curse God for our misery . . . it is common trait of men.

    Christ overcame death and if we do not believe it then our suffering amounts to more than it should. If he didn’t then all of life is worry, suffering and finding any meaning at all is hopeless. Have faith and give thanks for that which God has given you for which you had no implicit right nor won by some act of holiness or valor. Life is only a blessing when we accept that God has won salvation for those who persist to the end in Faith, Hope and Charity.

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    1. Jock McSporran

      Scoop – be careful. You haven’t understood how `Coronavirus’ works. It is the first virus that can get beamed (c/f Star Trek). It works as follows: Suppose Nicholas has a runny nose caused by Coronavirus and suppose he sneezes while he is sending a post to `On The Pilgrim’s Road’ blog. The virus then gets beamed to the OTPR server – and then when you log in and post a comment, it jumps out at you.

      This is also known as `computer virus’ and you should check carefully that you don’t have symptoms.

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      1. Jock, I have added some statistics to put things into perspective. You’re the mathematician here. Why don’t you double check my math and let me know if my figures are correct.


    2. @Scoop

      The Coronavirus was not a good choice for Cranmer’s post, but it is topical.

      We live in a bureaucratic society. That is, we end up taking seriously what everyone else is taking seriously. Not much thinking involved. Just look at the reactions of your neighbors while they look at you. 😄

      The Coronavirus is not especially serious, except to the people who die from it and to those who fortunes are hurt by it. It is no Black Death, but the Chinese government hid it and the news media hyped it. So, we didn’t quite know how dangerous it is. My guess that people will start to relax in a while.


      1. Indeed so. As soon as the media finds out that nobody is listening to them anymore and their ratings tank they will find other news to talk about . . . usually something else that they can scare people to death about. Sensationalism is their source of revenue.

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  2. Let me just put some things in perspective on the coronavirus “pandemic”:

    We have a planet that has 8 billion souls living on it.

    The common flu has infected approx. 370,000 people in the world of which 30,000 have died, You have a .00000375 chance of dying from it.

    In 2019, 42.4 million babies were killed worldwide by abortion. A baby (as part of our complete population worldwide) has a .00525 chance of dying from it this year. Though it would be much higher if we counted only babies in the womb.

    Lightening strikes approx. 240,000 people per year worldwide and causes 6000 deaths. You have a .00000075 chance of dying by a lightening strike.

    The Coronavirus has killed 3,665 people worldwide since the outbreak. Although it has not finished spreading and killing people, so far, your chance of dying from this disease is .000000458125.

    Let’s just freak out over this now, please. This is the end of the world as we know it.


    1. Oh, and by the way, on the max side of historical evidence, the total number of deaths caused by wars since the beginning of human history is perhaps 750 million people. That means that if all of us were able to have lived on this planet from the beginning of recorded history until now you would have a .09375 chance of dying from war . . . or almost a 91% chance of survival. Scary stuff . . . only if you live in a war zone where the chances are much higher.


  3. Jock McSporran

    Scoop – actually, I’m really worried about this. My computer screen is still covered with sneeze from the last time I had a cold (approximately 2 years ago). I really don’t want to get another load of sneeze onto it now, because that would make it positively unhygienic.

    We have to see how this works out – but I do think that your general thrust is correct.

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      1. Jock McSporran

        Yes – that is a very good idea – particularly for going to church. From your last post about church going at your local church, it would seem that your priest is a heretic – and God might decide to strike the whole establishment with lightning.

        I heard somewhere that Coronavirus hits Calvinists particularly badly.


  4. Jock McSporran

    Ah yes – that makes much more sense. Change the original post to

    (1) I personally have found Eccles helpful.

    Eccles (of course) is straight from The Goon Show. There was a very interesting moral dilemma at the end of `The Battered Pudding Hurler’ episode.

    Ummm …. still don’t see what it has to do with Coronavirus.


  5. Jock McSporran

    Scoop – yes – it should be renamed the `zombie epidemic’ and it is very serious. That is – as they say in Sweden, `det är inte farten som dödar; det är smällan’ which, translated into English means `it isn’t the fart that kills,it’s the smell.’.

    Here it isn’t Coronavirus that is the problem; it is the reaction to it.

    Yesterday, we got an email from the university administration stating that all our classes were cancelled up to (and including) 14th April. We’re supposed to continue teaching the students – but we’re not allowed to hold classes and meet the students.

    OK – nice for me – it’s essentially an additional 4 week holiday – but I’m truly amazed at the stupidity of this.

    Clearly, the stupidity – and the devastating economic impact is going to get much, much worse before it gets better.

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