Small Acts of Kindness

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

For the poor you have always with you. . .

When Lent comes each year, Catholics tend to obsess a bit about the fasting, eating fish, and whatever other abstinences they have undertaken usually swearing off sweets until Easter. They don’t spend nearly as much mental energy on the issue of almsgiving. Being vegan makes me spend no mental energy on the abstinences as my normal life makes the Lenten season look luxurious in comparison. I don’t eat meat or fish, and my only desserts are plain fruit. So, my sacrifices for Lent are financial.

Giving alms over the years has opened my eyes to things. The first and most basic thing I have learned is that you can’t trust Catholic bishops and certain large Catholic charities to do good with your money. No faithful Catholic wants their money to go to pay for artificial contraception, sex…

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