There is nothing like a national or local emergency that brings out the bottom feeding narcissists who are known for their selfish hoarding during times of need

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


If you want to see which neighbors are completely wrapped up into themselves, without any regard for the other members of their community, just visit a grocery, pharmacy or an outlet such as Walmart. You will either see empty shelves (meaning you missed their earlier visit, or you will see them at the register looking like they are buying the supplies for a huge public event.

There are several types of hoarders. There are the hoarders who hoard everything and they are mentally ill. Then there are the hoarders who show up during any emergency or even threat of an emergency that hasn’t even happened yet. These are the narcissists who care about no one but themselves. God forbid they take 1 item and leave another item on the shelves for another family in need of the essentials. During a hurricane or a winter storm etc. they hoard all the…

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6 thoughts on “There is nothing like a national or local emergency that brings out the bottom feeding narcissists who are known for their selfish hoarding during times of need

  1. Jock McSporran

    God has sentenced us to punishment. We shall
    all perish in the black death. You, standing
    there like gaping cattle, you who sit there in
    your glutted complacency, do you know that this
    may be your last hour? Death stands right
    behind you. I can see how his crown gleams in
    the sun. His scythe flashes as he raises it
    above your heads. Which one of you shall he
    strike first? You there, who stand staring like
    a goat, will your mouth be twisted into the
    last unfinished gasp before nightfall? And you,
    woman, who bloom with life and self-
    satisfaction, will you pale and become
    extinguished before the morning dawns? You back
    there, with your swollen nose and stupid grin,
    do you have another year left to dirty the
    earth with your refuse? Do you know, you
    insensible fools, that you shall die today or
    tomorrow, or the next day, because all of you
    have been sentenced? Do you hear what I say? Do
    you hear the word? You have been sentenced,

    Lord have mercy on us in our humiliation! Don’t
    turn your face from us in loathing and
    contempt, but be merciful to us for the sake of
    your son, Jesus Christ.

    (from `The Seventh Seal’ – the Monk’s sermon)

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      1. Jock McSporran

        Scoop – if you have the photoshop skills, you could superimpose a picture of Bengt Ekerot carrying his scythe behind the people with the overloaded shopping trolleys.

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      2. Sadly I haven’t the software or the skills to do that, Jock.

        I guess Max finally lost his game of chess with death.

        HIs acting in the Ingmar Bergman films was spectacular: Wild Strawberries, Hour of the Wolf etc. I’ll miss him.

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  2. Jock McSporran

    Scoop – yeah – he lost the chess game, but he got what he wanted; he wanted to do one good deed before he died.

    Death had intended to take the caravan with the travelling performers (Jof – played by Nils Poppe, Mia (Bibi Andersson) and Mikael (their child)). Death is just about to check-mate Max von Sydow – and then do this, when Max von Sydow – to gain extra time – simply knocks over the board.

    Jof (who sees visions) had seen Max von Sydow playing chess with Death and he loses no time in getting his family out of there, which he successfully does with the additional time gained.

    Death doesn’t seem such a bad chap; the dialogue is something like: `did you gain an advantage by this?’ `Yes.’ `I am happy to hear that.’ (The English translation seems a little different – that’s how I remember it).

    It occurred to me – you remember BOSCO from the old blog? He was a chess player. Perhaps he could challenge Death – and in this way get rid of the Coronavirus once and for all!


    1. Maybe we should visit AATW and ask old Bosco to challenge Mr.. Death to a game. If things go badly then maybe he can turn over the board as well and buy us all a bit of time.


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