Day 76- The Reconciled Mile

“But valiant as  he was, the man was a leper.” 2 Kings 5:1 (b)

Loss of control. It is a feeling that no human being likes to experience. But for the Christian, loss of control is exactly what God wants us to feel- the condition of our own humanity. 

It is in self-realization of this that we can act, that we can change. We are not free from affliction and illness, we have been afflicted with the illness that is sin from the very beginning. Recognizing our limitation as humans is the first step to reconciling with God.

As the world continues to suffer the effects of this great pandemic, fear and panic are setting in. This is the loss of control, this is the realization that we are very small. Some will turn inward and come to this conclusion right away while others will still continue to seek their own pleasures.

God wants everyone to be reconciled to Himself

The bible tells us that Naaman, the army commander of the king of Aram, was “highly esteemed and respected by his master.” (2 Kings 5:1).

But his human master could not save him from his leprosy

The condition that Naaman had was incurable and very visible. His disease became his master. He had no ability to self -cure or find someone within his kingdom that could cure him.

He had to depend on an Israelite slave girl to lead him to God

In our own lives, the smallest around us always seem to be the ones who bring us closer to God. The poor, our children, and those that the world would consider weak and worthless.

God uses this to teach us humility, to teach us how to go to heaven. My children, I have learned, have profound things to say, if I only listen…

We do not know what the coming weeks or months will bring, but we do know this- it is time to listen and to get right with God. Instead of focusing on fear, focus on faith- who do I need to forgive? reconcile with? pay back? Do I need to have a better relationship with my spouse? my children? who have I wronged?

What do I need to do to get right with God?

For anyone thinking like Naaman, that your physical strength and the world’s reverence for you will save you from this plague, I implore you to hear my words today. Renounce your strength, your position, anything the world uses to define you and realize your infinite smallness in this world. Strip away your pride and thinking that you are somehow in control of this universe. And if you want spiritual wisdom, seek God’s most precious children and ask their blessing and advice.

Realizing our own poverty of soul leads to sorrow, which leads to repentance which leads to God. This is the meaning of life. This is the guarantee of heaven.



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