2 thoughts on ““What will you do when there is no bid?”

  1. Jock McSporran

    Scoop – related to your previous post (and not this one) where you had the picture of people leaving the supermarket with huge trolleys.

    I think that it might be appropriate for CHARLIE to write a post entitled `CALVINISM GIVES YOU DIARRHOEA’.

    Did you notice that the supermarket trolleys didn’t contain any liquor at all? Not even a six-pack of Budweiser. Only a Calvinist could possibly stock up for the seven year famine without the slightest hint of a drop of alcoholic liquor.

    At the same time, the shopping trolleys seemed to be filled to the gunwales with bog roll – so it looked as if they intended to spend quite a lot of time on the throne.

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    1. Yeah, that strikes me as well. Worst case you go back to using corn cobs like my grandfather had to do. Maybe they should buy corn and then you get both a meal and a clean up method after the meal.


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