What is going on? It seems the numbers are being manipulated concerning Covid-19.

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


Please Click on the following link to show the U.S. death rates since Trump took office by the year. It shows the number of deaths per thousand and the % increase and/or decrease in our population (which includes a lot of illegal aliens whose health is not known). These are total deaths (period.full.stop.). One would expect to see a huge spike in deaths for 2020 to date and yet we do not see that. So look at this graph and tell me what you think is going on because I am completely flummoxed by these numbers.


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Episode 10- Death to Life

Today on the show, the kids and I discuss why Jesus waits so long to bring his friend back to life. Then we discover a great prophesy about the coronavirus buried deep within the scriptures... you don't want to miss this episode! https://www.spreaker.com/user/melissazpresser/episode-10-death-to-life