Day 92- The Refining Mile

and who is the God who can deliver you out of my hands?

Daniel 3:15

Can you hear this voice echoing in the background? You will never be anything without me. You will not be successful if you do not do this or join that. You must do this because I am doing this. The outside voices we hear are endless, like a pack of wolves ready to devour us.

And where is our attention? We are worried about so many things, we serve so many gods. And our God is a jealous God, wanting all of our attention. There is no room for extra curricular activities.

Our lives have been upended. Our “ministries” have been washed away. The ground for all has been leveled. What will you do in the jungle of the Jordan?

The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego serves as a stark reminder of our faith on the line. Though they were in the fiery furnace, we too are being tried and tested like gold.

After refusing to worship the statue made at the hands of man, King Nebuchadnezzar throws them into a white-hot furnace and asks them, “who is the God who can deliver you out of my hands.” How presumptuous! A king who thinks he’s bigger than the God of the universe! And we all have some thing or someone that exerts some sort of power like this in our lives.

The boys answer, “There is no need for us to defend ourselves before you in this matter.” (Daniel 3:16). The three do not know if God will save them or not, but it is no matter. They say, I will turn my face to God alone and serve Him anyway.

And in the fiery furnace, who or what is asking us this same question, who is the God that can deliver you our of my hands? Are you struggling with addiction, fear or anxiety? Are you living with an abuser? Has work taken over your life? Close your eyes and imagine who or what is saying that to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth.

Now imagine God’s divine providence. That thing or that person is small, minute, a tiny speck of dust. And God, He is magnanimous, all-powerful and towers over that thing or person. As we sit in the fire of this pandemic, do you believe that God is greater than it all?

The story of the three boys reminds us of God’s providential love for us, His ability to save, and His care for us as we turn our faces towards Him, despite what the outcome might be. And this is really the key-

to believe in God’s providence and follow His will, you cannot worry about outcomes

When God calls, you answer. You go. The fire is burning hotter because you won’t make a decision. And God says I’d rather that you be hot or cold , but not lukewarm. Indecision is still a decision. Do not sit there in the fire without letting it shape you like gold.

Because when you are refined will be your finest hour

Heavenly Father,

I will not let anything or anyone control me anymore. I want only to serve you. As I stand in the fiery furnace, I ask that you shape me and mold me into who you’ve called me to be. I ask that you reveal to me what I need to let go so that I can serve you. I pray for the strength to walk away from anything that is not of you, and I know that you will honor that decision that I make for your greater glory.

In Your Holy Name I pray,


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