Day 94- The Mirrored Mile


“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” Proverbs 27:19

Does your face reflect the face of God, or does it reflect something else? Is your life an image of the divine and holy Master, or is it a reflection of the world… busy, hurried and cruel. Where are you looking? Where is your gaze?

Step outside your body, outside of time. Look back in. What are you doing? What have you been doing? It has been nearly two and half weeks that you have been locked inside. Has your life inside reflected the same life you despised when you were on the outside? Have you realized that God has brought you into your house to reel you in?

In a meditation exercise, stare into the mirror. What do you see? Are you tired? Still busy trying to control the people around you? Refusing to let go?

When will you let go…

You identify with your career. Or your brand. Or your job title has become your identity. These things have been stripped away. All are on level ground. The virus sees no difference between the greatest and the least. The healthy and the sick. The virus does not care about your ego.

When will you let it go…

You believe you are invincible. Safe in your home. You don’t reach out to anyone because “they” are not your problem. Or you reach out for complaint. Or maybe you  reach out at a last attempt to make yourself known, because you of course are your own master. The world is no longer watching you, but God is. You are holding on to a grudge. You refuse to forgive someone.

When will you let it go…

You can be the greatest Christian with the cruelest heart. The bible does not contain the word Christian, but you have seen fit to give it a definition. I run a ministry. I feed the homeless. I attend church every Sunday. None of these things make you a Christian if they are not done for the love of the Father. Maybe your works define you. Maybe your works are for you and not your Father.

When will you let it go…

The harsh reflections we are seeing are for our own good. As we number our days and sink into our own mortality, we are stripped of all that we believe defined us, and what is left is the bare reflection.

I am looking at God and He is looking at me

What is the message that God is trying to deliver to you? Where have you been unfaithful? Unkind? Where are your priorities?

Where are you going?

Today’s challenge: Scroll down your social media accounts, or journals or any place where your voice has been put out outside of yourself. What do you see? What is the message that you are conveying to the world? To yourself?

You may be surprised to find out





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