Where is the whole world?


Some further discussion and I am questioning everything. This is good.

Last night I had a dream that I was vying for a political job and I was sitting around a table with some very important people, none of which I recognized. I was wearing a bracelet with a cross on it, an old one that I have since lost or maybe even was broken. A man, unknown to me in the dream or in waking life, turns to me in his fancy tuxedo with a champagne glass in his hand, and  tells me in front of everyone, “You will never go anywhere. Not because you aren’t talented, but because all you talk about is Christ. It’s all over your social media accounts and writings.” Then silence from the table.

In the dream, I smile. I feel I have made it. What I have been striving for, I have achieved- to be identified with Christ in all things and to lose everything for it. Surely this loss is gain. But there is also a palpable sadness, knowing I will never achieve my goals in this world. I realize in that moment that my life is not my own, and that I have to stop striving for worldly goals. This is true of us as well. Where are we going? Who is the whole world?

As so it is with my writing. As I read the comments and the gospel this morning, I questioned Jesus’ words, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” Where is the whole world? Well right now, the whole world is on the internet. And I wondered to myself, where are they on the internet? What are they reading? What is popular? People right now want funny clips of dogs doing silly things and bunnies and kids dancing on tik-tok. People do not want theology or to know what I think about a bible verse.

This is not to say that people don’t want God. They just want God in a way that they can understand. Why is there so much suffering in the world right now? Why are people dying? What is God doing? People have real questions and are drowning themselves trying to find answers. But if WordPress is truly a dead platform, where are they going?

I also find that long written pieces cannot keep people’s attention. They want short, quick bites of information. They want fast. This is a result of our insta-culture. But if we do not evolve with the culture, we are dead in the water. We cannot hold on to our own ways of doing things. So where do we go from here?

People like watching others interact. Differing perspectives and opinions. Why not create a show as @servusfidelis suggested via Zoom or another platform where we can all record and be heard? It’s stressful maybe for people to read right now.

Let’s mediate on Jesus’s words today in the question I posed to Him, “Where is the whole world Lord?

Some food for thought-


6 thoughts on “Where is the whole world?

  1. Where is the whole world? As I see it, they are all over the map and most are like lost sheep without their shepherd. So they look for others like themselves and enter various folds or sadly some remain alone never finding their way back.

    Though they may have one thing in common; an uncanny, unified desire for Happiness, Truth, Love, Beauty, Peace, Rest and to be well satisfied with their own efforts: free from blame, guilt, shame and torment. To face death and suffering without fear and to know that there is hope that all these fears will have been for nothing and that their hardships will end and their goals will be met.

    They wish to gaze upon a puzzle (which they had a small part in assembling). A puzzle that is finished; without extra parts or missing parts. A puzzle with no pieces which need trimming in order to make them fit.

    A life where there is something more important than simple day to day drudgery, boredom, worries, successes and failures. They look for a life where it has a purpose beyond simply staying alive and where we live from one small moment of pleasure to another. Something lasting and beyond the temporal. The satisfaction that there is a life where work is effortless, being guided by the hand of a True master architect or painter and that each is given the extraordinary grace to be a part of the whole process. It is a dream to be bound to the Will of one whom we Trust and only has our happiness and wellbeing at heart. To live in an ordered universe where we have value and worth and where the miseries of chaos, both in mind, heart and actions give way to Perfect Harmony and Perfect Order.

    To be a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of all symphonic orchestras playing our own parts perfectly and yet knowing that Symphony, written by the Maestro of maestros, demands our obedience while following the musical part each of us is given to play. Being part of a whole that does not play our own music but one where we are all playing the part of the score given us, though each part is different and needed. We do not want to simply be in the audience for a moment or to play only one time but to play and listen as both audience and musician for an eternity.

    So where is the whole world? it is often in chaos which is seeking order. It is a treasure hunt with few guides and even fewer with the stamina to keep looking. A hunt where there are many different map readers who point us in varying directions or give no direction at all. Some are still in various stages of their search and others have given up altogether. It is a wide spectrum of things and that is why it is an impossible question for us to answer.

    For those who are believers the claim is that there are answers to which most of the world is likely to reject or which they also believed once and now no longer believe. Some read, some watch videos and still others are not open to either.

    It is a time for us to do some introspection concerting our individual motives. Are we trying to convince by theological maxims, by stories of miracles and wonders etc.? Are we simply pointing out the meaningless meanderings of the world at large which amounts to chaos and are we offering an ordered structure that will lead them to the Pearl of Great Price. And do we ourselves know that for sure? If so, how? Do we have more to do in the work to come as close to perfection as we can in this life first before we try to guide a man to remove the motes from his eyes. Or is the beam in our own eyes?

    I don’t know the answer and yet in our faith is quite often the illiterate children who have a simple childish faith and innocence that God seems to reveal Himself to. Intellectual paths via theology only make it palatable for someone to embark on a life of spiritual journeying, But the ones who succeed, as the saints and view the other side as through a thin veil are always few. Most of us are left to look as through a dark glass. What do I have to offer? By what medium? Or am I trying too hard? Perhaps I should allow more time for Divine Providence to lead me and by this means reach the goal and purpose that God put me on this Earth for in the first place. Maybe we are already working blindly and God directs or are we?

    I have more questions than answers, Melissa. I wish I could help but I fear that I may have nothing of real use. For I am still trying to work out my own salvation through fear and trembling and still am praying that God give me belief when belief seems to waiver and doubt clouds my mind and darkness seems to never give way to dawn. So much to do both personally and out in this world without becoming part of the world. Simplicity of faith seems so good to me at the moment. I am tired of examining all things under a microscope and want to surrender while at the same time I keep grasping at straws without being able to let go.

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    1. You say you wish you could help. You just did. I am not alone. Truth be told, I am one of those people. Where do I belong? I don’t know. What am I supposed to be doing right now? I don’t know. What I do know is that there has got to be more than this- the daily grind, the here to there, the meaningless activity. I love my Master and am holding on to Him for dear life. Lord, I am lost.

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      1. I had an old teacher who used to say that if you do not get lost then you will never be found.

        I pray for Mary’s intercession every night to increase my possession of the theological virtues. But all the while, I am frightened when I pray for if there is one thing I have found out . . . that if you pray for a virtue you will be tested in that virtue as it is the only way that you can discover if you are growing in them or not. And so we are tested.

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