The Despicable Brad Warthen

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

It’s bad enough that Trump got as many Catholic votes as he did in 2016. The last thing we need is to see a cardinal even imply that Trump being elected was a good thing.

Protestants have a luxury that Catholics do not enjoy. They can avoid a great deal of left wing social justice Christianity by attending services at a Southern Baptist church. The Christian SJW’s are only interested in denominations with a hierarchy of fellow lesbians, sodomites, and Marxists and the ample real estate holdings of a mainline denomination. Catholics, however, find themselves occupying the same space with left wing scum that are not easily identified until you see the rainbow flags and Planned Parenthood stickers on their cars in the parking lot. These people aren’t actually Catholics but stealth modernists who fly low under the radar until all tradition and sanity are cleansed from the…

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