Can someone who is blind come to a knowledge of color?

In regards to Aristotelean quip, “All knowledge comes from the sense.” In classical philosophy, prior to Descartes and Kant, the object would tell the observer what it is. Nonetheless, after the advent of Modern philosophy, most being disciples of Kantian philosophy would assert that man determines what is the truth about any particular object. Ans so It would seem that it would be impossible to explain the concept of color to one who is blind because they could not recognize and interpret the color of the object for themselves. However, it doesn’t then follow that one who is blind cannot come to the knowledge of the truth and existence of color, if these possess As there is two different forms of assent to knowledge The first would involve that typically people would consider science with the senses observing patterns of cause and effect. However, one can assent to a proposition by accepting the authority of the one who gives it. Typically, this is actually how most people accept the truths of everyday life.

Many may present themselves as an uber skeptic; however, living in that manner would likely be impossible. The second form of assent can stem from something such as knowing who is your mother, trusting the GPS on your phone, to knowing that England is an island. As such someone who is blind cannot come to the assent of knowing an object is blue; however, on trusting an authority, even a parent, they can know the truth that colors do exist and vary even if they cannot understand the concept by their own capabilities.

4 thoughts on “Can someone who is blind come to a knowledge of color?

  1. Ah, wave lengths, frequencies and amplitudes are all taught . . . for color, and sound. Then there is the absorbtion by an object of certain frequencies and the reflection of certain frequencies, only proven when one began producing instruments to record these things and to slow them down or speed them up to a frequency or length that we can hear or see. And it let us also realize that object is not red but absorbs other wavelengths and reflects the red. So red is not the ‘color’ of the object but the color that it is not. It allowed us to “hear” by slowing or speeding up frequencies things such as insects and small birds that which we cannot hear. Even planets are “ringing” at certain pitches which can be translated into sound. Science itself points to the unseen and unheard and unwitnessed Truth of these things and our methods to reveal them is about as close as science comes to prayer. The Author of all things reveals Himself at times experientially and sometimes by being infused into our understanding. Those which are experiential can be wrong and misunderstood and those infused cannot. It is a mysterious universe and an even more mysterious Creator whose laws might be hidden from us but at times revealed with mathematical preciseness only to contradict our mathematics under extraordinary circumstances like quantum physics. It is fascinating to meditate thereon.

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  2. Nicholas

    You’ve put me in a bind here, Phillip: it’s a bit mean to point out, but England is part of an island (unless American phraseology allows you to express that point using the phrase employed). Great Britain is the island, containing England, Scotland, and Wales.

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    1. What you say is true,. I’d wager as a vast majority would consider Wales and Scotland to be mere territorial areas of England at large. England and Britain are more or less synonyms to Americans. For example, most Americans would blanket statement say an English accent or British accent in reference to the many different types of accents found on the island.

      You’ll have to forgive my Americanism ethnocentrism.

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