On the Pilgrim Road is a place for rest and conversation for those who are on their journey somewhere whether it’s only journeying around the earth or to the kingdom of God; we’re here to discuss our journey toward truth. 

The foundations of this community was built at another blog created by Jessica at All Along the Watchtower. After some years, Jessica has moved on, as well as the administrators of that blog. So, although we could write there, it would be better to have more creative control for future innovations of our community such as looking for new voices of different faith traditions. 

Jessica wrote on her about page, “AAW began as a vehicle for my own thoughts, but across time has gathered to itself a small community, and some of those have chosen to write posts. The breadth of contributors bears a witness to the nature of this place. If you would like to contribute, do get in touch with me through the comments box.”

As our very own Scoop said, “This place is a pub atmosphere where we can chat, disagree, and shake hands afterwards and be on our way.” (Substance quote) 

My name is Phillip. I am a Catholic Catechesis working on his Master’s in Theology. AATW and blogging has always been a place where I can bounce off ideas with other people to help shape my own intellectual endeavors. I hope I can continue to do so here at On the Pilgrim Road. I’ve recently wrote a book called Birth of God in Historical Context which can be purchased on Barnes and Noble. 

Contributors make sure to tag new posts that correspond with the menu options–plus tagging attracts new readers. We can also add menu options if there is a new popular topic.

All contributors are welcome to add their short bios in the comments to be added to this page.