Matthew 3:1-12

Christians often times get the word “Repentance” confused. They might think, as the world does, that Repentance is a one time act, a vow to God, an inner change that the Christian makes to better themselves. That to repent means to start to activate God’s blessings in your life, or to be the best you that you can be. Yet, this is all a false repentance. Check out this post on to see how John the Baptist and Jesus defines the Word “Repent”.

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False repentance is to die. Dead trees cannot being forth food fruit and therefore dead chaff is only good for burning. Yet, true repentance is life by faith. Faith is the gift of life given to you that always bears good fruit. This wheat, this living plant, is nourishes and living by the waters of baptism.

Matthew 3

1In those days, John the Baptizer came, preaching in the wilderness of Judea, saying, 2“Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” 3For this is he who was spoken of by Isaiah the prophet, saying, “The voice of one crying in the wilderness, make the way of the Lord ready! Make his paths straight!”(Isaiah 40:3) 4Now John himself wore clothing made of camel’s hair with a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey. 5Then people from Jerusalem, all of Judea, and…

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Wretched St. Paul and the Cure to Porn Addiction

I thank you all for the support and comments that help spread the Gospel to the world. Below is a new post that addresses a comment I had received on last week’s post. Enjoy and have a blessed day!

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The following is a post suggestion received via email.

I have received a comment via email from John. John has a comment on my recent blog post ‘Porn Addiction; Here is your Cure‘. If you haven’t read that post yet then I recommend you do so as it will help shine some light on our discussion. Also, if you have a comment or a suggestion that you want featured in an upcoming post send them to me via the Contact page. John writes…

I saw your recent post on pornography and I was struck by the statement`You cannot be a Christian and be addicted to porn.’ I emphasise that this not anything that interests me: I am not, never have been and never will be addicted to this. But there is the whole business of being a Christian and sin. As I indicate at the beginning of my…

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Porn Addiction; Here is your Cure

In case you or someone you know has a sexual addiction… There is forgiveness, hope, and freedom.

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Today I will be discussing an article from Christian Headlines titled:

Does the Law Already Ban Porn? – Robert George’s Letter to William Barr

Written by JohnStonestreet and Shane Morris| Tuesday, January 28, 2020 | The article can be found here.

I won’t be discussing too much about this article. There are a few quotes I thought worth mentioning. However, as I read this article I was reminded of a few things that I think would be beneficial to my readers and the church at large.

Writers like Catholic Matt Walsh at the Daily Wire made the case that porn is no longer an issue of private morality, if it ever was. Today, porn is a public health crisis. Mountains of evidence reveal not only its addictive power but also its devastating consequences for women and children. Walsh argued that free market solutions have been exhausted, and so…

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The False Jesus of Celebrate Recovery — Armour of Christ

A Blast from the past. An article I wrote in 2018! A Christ Centered Critique of Anthropocentric Sanctification. The theology presented in this program comes from a theology that runs through many American churches. This post will focus on the false theology that is infecting many American Churches including Celebrate Recovery (a self proclaimed Christ …

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The Engine that Couldn’t

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What happens when you mix the passions of the Old Adam with Christianity? Well, these things cant really be done. You end up with either one or the other, the theology of glory or the theology of the cross. The theology of glory states that God is all about you, He has a wonderful plan for your life, He is going to prosper you, He is going to lead you through whatever challenge or difficulty that life throws at you. Many different teachings fit into this category; the prosperity gospel, seeker driven movement, etc. The theology of the cross is the true biblical theology; its Christ crucified for you. It’s really that simple its either God as a cheerleader or God as a savior. It can even be defined further than that because the theology of glory is the glorification of yourself. Your life, your will, you, become the gospel…

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Concerning Christian Liberty; Chapter Four

Concerning Christian Liberty; Chapter Four Concerning Christian Libertyby Martin Luther (Public Domain) Justified by the Promise It is certainly true that, in the sight of men, a man becomes good or evil by his works; but here “becoming” means that it is thus shown and recognised who is good or evil, as Christ says, “By their …

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