Are we entering the false world of virtual reality, virtual truth and virtual church?

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


When I became a Catholic, I did not join ‘virtual church’ but the true, hand-on version of a communion of Christ’s children . . . born in the womb of the Bride of Christ . . . a family of the Most High, a Divine Family that lives and loves with one mind and will.

Our lives on earth was wrested away (or was supposed to be) from self-absorbed pleasure and living primarily for our own desires and betterment. We were as real a family as our any good and loving natural family; in fact more real. We are a supernatural family with Christ acting as loving father, showering His love upon us with the Holy Spirit and the Wisdom of His Father and His Father’s Will to be carried on eternally in a state of bliss.

This Church (or family) has weathered its storms continuously from the beginning. We…

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A First; or is it the Last gasp of desperation by Satan

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


Tomorrow there will be no Palm Sunday proclamation of the Kingship of Jesus Christ as He enters Jerusalem. And presumably on Easter Sunday we will celebrate for the first time that the stone slab at the entrance of his tomb will still be in place and that in the darkness within He lies there, unaccompanied, and forgotten.

The invisible enemy seems to have overcome the hidden God. For His manifestation has always been His presence in the Holy Species of the Sacrament of our Spiritual lives; the Eucharist, the Sacrament of sacraments, the Holy of holies, the promise of Christ to never abandon us or leave us orphaned. He has been the light of the world and it seems ironic that this year He is kept locked away from His people . . . as if defeated by the gates of Hell.

As He is quarantined and practices social distancing…

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From Rush . . . some statistics on worldwide deaths

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

I appreciate the previous post by Charlie and I would like to add my 2 cents as well.

Just to put things in perspective a little bit, Rush Limbaugh read us the following yesterday.

Coronavirus, 21,000 deaths.
Seasonal flu, 113,000.
Malaria, 228,000.
Suicide, 249,000.
Traffic fatalities, 313, almost 314,000 deaths.
HIV/AIDS, 391,000 deaths.
Alcohol related deaths, 581,000.
Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000.
Cancer deaths, 1,909,000 deaths.
Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,000 deaths.
And death by abortion, 9,900,000.

In the first three months of this year, January 1 through March 25th.

Maybe we should have a push afoot to return to family farms or simple labor. We could lower the starvation rates and the abortion rates (another eventual laborer for the farm or factory) which kill the most people every year. In those early agrarian and industrial days (my grandad was 1 of 19 kids on a poor farm in KY) a birth…

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The Wake Up Call

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

A father who does not punish his children does not love them, but neglects them; a doctor who uncaringly observes the patient getting worse until gangrene does not want his recovery. God is a loving Father because He teaches us what we have to do to be worthy of eternal happiness in Paradise. When we disobey His commandments by sinning, He does not let us die but comes to find us and sends us many signs, often very sternly. Then we mend our ways, repent, do penance, and return to our old friendship with Him. You are my friends, if you do the things that I command you. I think the words of Our Lord leave no room for ambiguity.

Something struck me today. I have been praying for years for God to do something about the general corruption in Western society and the specific corruption…

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Flattening the Curve of Covid-19

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

What is the curve?

The “curve” researchers are talking about refers to the projected number of people who will contract COVID-19 over a period of time. (To be clear, this is not a hard prediction of how many people will definitely be infected, but a theoretical number that’s used to model the virus’ spread.) Here’s what one looks like:


A sample epidemic curve, with and without social distancing. (Image credit: Johannes Kalliauer/ CC BY-SA 4.0)

The curve takes on different shapes, depending on the virus’s infection rate. It could be a steep curve, in which the virus spreads exponentially (that is, case counts keep doubling at a consistent rate), and the total number of cases skyrockets to its peak within a few weeks. Infection curves with a steep rise also have a steep fall; after the virus infects pretty much everyone who can be infected, case numbers begin to drop…

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What is going on? It seems the numbers are being manipulated concerning Covid-19.

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


Please Click on the following link to show the U.S. death rates since Trump took office by the year. It shows the number of deaths per thousand and the % increase and/or decrease in our population (which includes a lot of illegal aliens whose health is not known). These are total deaths (period.full.stop.). One would expect to see a huge spike in deaths for 2020 to date and yet we do not see that. So look at this graph and tell me what you think is going on because I am completely flummoxed by these numbers.

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I guess they have scared the sh*t out of people

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II


Its bad enough that if you want to have a hand sanitizer in a reasonable amount of time, you must make it yourself using 2/3 cups of isopropyl alcohol and 1/3 cup aloe vera gel; mix it in a bowl without getting it on your hands and pour (using a funnel) into an empty liquid soap bottle.

If it is antiseptic wipes, however, good luck with that one. Orders on line won’t arrive until June if you’re lucky.

God knows what ever the problem is with the toilet paper situation (and paper towels) however. That is another item that only the young and brave who are willing to fight over the latest shipment will immediately fill their carts to the brim with. My best guess is that these people must be scared sh*tless.

In the meanwhile, those people that they denied access to toilet paper are clogging up the sewers…

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Quarantine Reading List

Smoke of Satan & the Open Windows of Vatican II

Don’t neglect your spiritual reading. — Reading has made many saints.

I was doing some decluttering and collected some books from my library that I knew I would never read because they are garbage. I was going to donate them until I realized that my toilet paper supply might run out before common sense returns to the world. So, I will hang on to them and put the pages to good use if it comes to that.

I am also putting my time to good use with spiritual reading. Here are things I recommend to those trapped in social isolation.

This is a no-brainer. I recommend the Douay-Rheims translation. Begin in Genesis 1 and read it straight through. When you get to the end, start over at the beginning. You can never read that book too many times.


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