Day 42- The Repentant Mile

“Yes even now, “ says the Lord, “return to Me with all your heart,” Joel 2:12 They have all gone astray, every one to his own way. And the power of wickedness has overcome them. So every one of them, from the least to the greatest must return to the Lord. It is a corporate …

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Porn Addiction; Here is your Cure

In case you or someone you know has a sexual addiction… There is forgiveness, hope, and freedom.

Armour of Christ

Today I will be discussing an article from Christian Headlines titled:

Does the Law Already Ban Porn? – Robert George’s Letter to William Barr

Written by JohnStonestreet and Shane Morris| Tuesday, January 28, 2020 | The article can be found here.

I won’t be discussing too much about this article. There are a few quotes I thought worth mentioning. However, as I read this article I was reminded of a few things that I think would be beneficial to my readers and the church at large.

Writers like Catholic Matt Walsh at the Daily Wire made the case that porn is no longer an issue of private morality, if it ever was. Today, porn is a public health crisis. Mountains of evidence reveal not only its addictive power but also its devastating consequences for women and children. Walsh argued that free market solutions have been exhausted, and so…

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